Premium Publishers See Ad Blocking As Major Mobile Challenge

August 11, 2016

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AOL-Top-Mobile-Challenges-Premium-Publishers-Aug2016Although ad blocking seems to be more prevalent on desktops than on mobiles (at least within the US), premium publishers aren’t ignoring the challenge of ad blockers when it comes to mobile, per a recent report from AOL Platforms. In fact, ad blocking is the top mobile challenge faced by publisher respondents to the report, ahead of the quality of the consumer experience.

It stands to reason that mobile ad blocking would be seen as a strong threat to publisher monetization, particularly as 73% of those surveyed increased their mobile inventory in the past year. Indeed, publishers are eyeing the promise of interactive, engaging mobile ad units, with these one of their top mobile-related opportunities.

Publishers are pushing ahead with their mobile strategies, as 3 in 4 expect to increase their mobile investments in the coming year. Mobile is the fastest-growing form of inventory, and even video and display growth are being powered by mobile.

While brands aren’t turning to publishers first for video ad distribution, this is also an area of strong growth for publishers, who see better quality creative, improved targeting and personalization and better load times/user experiencer as the top drivers of video advertising. In fact, by next year, the publishers surveyed expect video to be their top revenue driver.

About the Data: The AOL Platforms report is based on a survey of more than 300 US-based premium publishers.

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