Breaking Down Mobile vs. Desktop E-Commerce Spending, by Retail Category

May 23, 2016

comScore-Mobile-v-Desktop-Retail-E-Commerce-Spending-May2016Newly-released data from comScore supports what may be an intuitive point about e-commerce purchases: mobile purchases tend to be higher for relatively cheap and low consideration products such as video games, movies, and digital content, and lower for more expensive categories such as computer hardware. Interestingly, the data shows that the categories with the highest mobile share of purchases are also the ones with the most rapid e-commerce growth.

The analysts suggest that “mobile may be enabling the purchase of products that were previously less likely to be purchased online altogether,” noting that eliminating the friction of buying on mobile (smaller screens, privacy concerns, etc.) is critical for retailers.

Of course, the correlation may be simply reflective of the fact that mobile commerce is growing much faster than desktop-based commerce, such that those categories where mobile’s influence is highest would likely be the ones that are growing fastest overall.

Nevertheless, the data indicates that during Q1 2016, 19% of digital commerce spending came from mobile devices, versus 81% from desktops. However, mobile accounted for at least one-third of digital commerce spending in the following categories:

  • Video games, consoles and accessories (49% of spending coming from mobile devices);
  • Toys and hobbies (46% share);
  • Jewelry and watches (41%); and
  • Event tickets (36%).

Read about the most important factors for mobile shoppers here.

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