7 in 10 Hispanics Have Bought A Product Advertised On Internet Radio. Which Products Interest Them?

May 13, 2016

Audioad-Top-Products-Hispanic-Digital-Radio-Listeners-May2016Some 69% of Hispanic digital audio listeners have bought a product advertised on internet radio in the past year, and 44% have bought between 2 and 5 products, according to a study from Audio.ad and OH! PANEL. The survey of 1,000 Spanish-speaking Hispanics finds few considering the amount of advertising in digital radio to be excessive.

That’s likely a reflection of relatively light ad loads for internet radio, which averaged roughly 2-and-a-half minutes per hour in Q4 2015. For comparison, ad loads on traditional TV averaged roughly 15 minutes per hour in 2013, though lately some networks are beginning to reduce their ad loads in an effort to improve the viewing experience.

More recently, data from Edison Research suggests that commuters are far more likely to stay tuned to Pandora than terrestrial radio during an ad break.

Returning to the Audio.ad study, the results indicate that the top products and services of interest to the Hispanic digital radio consumer are:

  • Travel tickets (42%);
  • Home articles such as furniture and accessories (39%);
  • Technology products such as PCs and TVs (35%);
  • Tickets to events (33%); and
  • Clothing (31%).

(Digital audio is defined as listening via internet radio, streaming websites or other online media.)

Internet radio is an important medium for reaching Hispanics. A recent study from MarketingCharts revealed that Hispanics over-index in online radio listening to a greater degree than any other online medium, representing almost one-fifth of the total internet radio audience.

In other takeaways from the Audio.ad report:

  • Half of Hispanic digital audio listeners spend 2-3 hours listening per day, with the average time spent listening to online radio being 9 hours per week overall;
  • Music is the most valued digital audio content, followed by the news and general interest programming;
  • A majority (54%) expect to listen to more digital radio this year; and
  • Pandora is the most popular music streaming service, with Spotify and Bandcamp tied.

About the Data: The results are based on an online survey of 1,000 US Spanish-speaking Hispanics carried out with OH! PANEL.

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