Which Factors Affect the Digital News Experience Most For Consumers?

April 25, 2016

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MediaInsightProject-Important-Factors-Digital-News-Consumers-Apr2016Source: Media Insight Project [pdf], an initiative of the American Press Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research

    Notes: Ad placement (63%), load speed (63%) and mobile-friendliness (60%) are the digital factors that are extremely or very important to the largest share of digital news consumers, according to results from the latest Media Insight Project survey. A majority (51%) of those who receive digital news from the sources they rely on also point to the strong importance of using visuals such as photos, videos, lists and charts.

    Separately, the study finds that roughly half of Americans consume news on social media, with the vast majority of these (87%) selecting Facebook as one of their top-2 platforms for news consumption. However, only 12% of those who use Facebook to get the news trust what they see there a great deal or a lot, with LinkedIn (23%) and Reddit (22%) news consumers the most trusting of the content they see.

    Across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (the top three social platforms for news consumption), readers say that trust in the original source has the greatest impact on their trust in the content, followed by trust in the person who posted or tweeted the news and then the volume of people commenting, liking or sharing the content.

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      About the Data: The Media Insight Project data is based on a survey conducted from February 18 through March 6, 2016 among 2,014 US adults (18+).

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