Video Ad Engagement Benchmarks, by Industry, in 2015

March 21, 2016

Viant-Video-Ad-Engagement-Benchmarks-by-Industry-in-2015-Mar2016Source: Viant [download page]

    Note: Slightly fewer than half (48%) of video ad impressions met viewability guidelines last year, up only slightly from 2014 (45%), per a Viant report, which also notes that just 37% of all ads served were both viewable and viewed to completion. The analysis of ads served on the Vindico Ad Server indicates that video ad completion rates climbed from 78% in 2014 to 81% in 2015, with increases across all devices, led by OTT (99% in 2015) and followed by computers (81%), tablets (79%) and smartphones (76%).

    The report indicates that while 30 second ads regained the lead in terms of ad share (51% of all ads in 2015), shorter ads had higher completion rates. The report notes that the results exclude ad impressions served on YouTube from the calculation of completion rate due to YouTube’s use of skippable video ads that skew the average.

    Meanwhile, click rates declined considerably on a year-over-year basis, dropping from an average of 0.62% in 2014 to 0.43% in 2015.

    On an industry basis, the entertainment vertical enjoyed the highest median click-through rate (of 0.85%) and the highest rate of viewability (68%), while the retail and apparel vertical had the highest median completion rate (88%).

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