Email Click Share, by Device and Industry, in Q3

December 2, 2015

Experian-Share-Email-Clicks-Device-Industry-in-Q3-Dec2015Source: Experian Marketing Services [download page]

    Notes: Brands continue to increase their email volume, registering a 24.8% year-over-year rise in Q3, per Experian Marketing Services data. That represents the 12th consecutive quarter of increases and the 11th of double-digit increases. The report indicates that 54% of email opens took place on mobiles (42%) and tablets (12%), though these devices accounted for a smaller share (40%) of email clicks (32% mobile; 8% tablet).

    Of the 6 industries analyzed, multi-channel retailers saw the largest share of opens (61%) and clicks (54%) from mobile devices, while business products and services companies saw the smallest share (30% and 18%, respectively).

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        About the Data: Experian Marketing Services’ quarterly email benchmarks are based on analysis of major email marketing trends and key performance indicators across six major verticals: business products and services; consumer products and services; media and entertainment; multi-channel retailers; publishers; and travel. Catalog brands have been merged into the consumer products and services vertical.

        Data analyzed in the benchmark report are from client brands within the United States and Canada that have opted to participate in the study. All metrics, including the historical benchmarks, reflect average performance at 7 days after the emails were sent.

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