Top Brands in 2015 Ranked by Customer Loyalty

October 14, 2015

BrandKeys-Customer-Loyalty-Leaders-Oct2015Source: Brand Keys

    Notes: Netflix is this year’s brand loyalty leader, rising 11 spots from last year’s results to take the mantle from Amazon, reports Brand Keys in its latest annual loyalty study, which ranked customer engagement and loyalty for 753 brands across 65 categories of loyalty engagement. Amazon (for tablets), Apple (for both smartphones and tablets) and Facebook (for social networking) rounded out the top 5, with these brands among the ones most likely to meet consumer expectations for their respective categories. Of the top 20 brands, 17 (or 85%) are related to digital technology or social networking.

    Indeed, social networking is the most highly represented category among the top 100 brands (with 13), followed by automotive (10) and traditional retail (9). That’s a dramatic change from 5 years ago, when personal care led with 13 brands in the top 100, followed by cosmetics (13) and traditional retail (10).

    Among brands new to the top 100 this year are Uber (#21) and HBO GO (#78). KIA generated the biggest improvement in ranking (up 19 spots), while HTC suffered from the biggest free fall (down 66 spots).

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        About the Data: The Loyalty Leaders analysis was conducted in September 2015 and includes assessments from 40,128 consumers, 18 to 65 years of age, drawn from the 9 US Census Regions, who self-selected the categories in which they are consumers, and the brands for which they are customers. Three-quarters were interviewed by phone, 20% via face-to-face interviews (to account for cell phone-only consumers), and the remaining consumers assessed categories and brands online. Loyalty Leader assessments examine 68 categories and 753 brands.

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