Mobile Photo Messaging Up 60% in US – among Top Mobile Data Apps

July 9, 2008

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Photo messaging from mobile phones has grown 60% in the United States over the past year and 16% in Europe, where photo messaging got an earlier start, according to comScore’s latest figures from the M:Metrics Benchmark Study.

Below, a summary of findings from the study, by country, for photo/video sharing, music listening, accessing news, and various other mobile applications and transactions:


In the US, for the past three years photo messaging rates have been higher than average in July and August. In Europe, where photo messaging is more mature, usage rates are more consistent throughout the year, rising only slightly in summer.


From 2006 to 2007, the rate of photo messaging use in Europe during July was average and in August just 7% higher than average. Instead, usage spikes during December, as families share Christmas holiday celebrations and send photos from their newly acquired phones. A similar December usage spike is observed in the United States as well.

The M:Metrics Benchmark Study finds that the photo messaging growth in the US is coming from all age demographic segments, with the fastest growth coming from teens and those older than 35. In the more developed European market, the strongest growth is coming from those age 55+.


“Cameraphones are in the hands of the majority of mobile phone users and are increasingly a part of the fabric of peoples’ lives, with 78% of Europeans and 66% of Americans owning a cameraphone today,” said Mark Donovan, SVP, comScore Mobile Products.

“Photo messaging rates have risen steadily month over month with nearly a quarter of all American mobile phone users and about a third of Europeans sending or receiving photos in April.”

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