US Mobile App Use, by Time of Day

February 11, 2015

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Localytics-US-App-Usage-by-Hour-in-Jan-Feb2015Source: Localytics

    Notes: US mobile application usage peaks at 8PM and drops sharply until roughly 4AM, reveals a Localytics study based on session use among more than 28,000 apps. That overall average masks significant differences when sorting by application type, though. Indeed, news, travel and weather apps experience peak usage in the morning hours (7-8AM), while business, finance and music apps show sustained use throughout the workday and evening, with no clear peaks. Somewhat unsurprisingly, it’s entertainment and social networking apps that experience peak use in the evening hours, with entertainment app use staying strong through the early morning hours.

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        About the Data: For its study, Localytics examined US app usage during January 2015. By looking at the total number of sessions in each hour of the day, each hour was given a percentage of the max amount of sessions each day (100 percent would be the hour that the most sessions occurred). All times are offset to UTC, so 8PM usage in the east coast is compared to 8PM usage on the west coast.

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