Which Types of Product Offers Will Consumers Share on Social Media?

October 9, 2014

Yesmail-Consumers-Product-Offer-Types-Sharing-on-Social-Oct2014Social media users are more likely to respond to product offers shared by friends and family in their networks than to offers included in sponsored posts and social display ads, finds Yesmail in newly-released survey results. While that’s not an entirely surprising result given the generally greater influence of earned than paid media, the study also details the types of deals that are most likely to be shared.

Asked the types of offers they’re most likely to share with friends, respondents ranked the following among their top-3:

  • Restaurants (58%);
  • Entertainment (42%);
  • Electronics (31%);
  • Clothing and accessories (31%); and
  • Travel and hospitality (24%).

Additionally, percent-off deals (36%) are more likely to be shared than money-off (26%) or buy-one-get-one-free (17%) deals.

Overall, some 34% of active social media users have shared a product offer with their social networks, with Facebook easily the most popular channel, used by 94% of offer-sharers. (By comparison, just 15% shared on Twitter and 10% on Pinterest.)

Incentives such as additional savings or loyalty points could spur greater offer sharing, as 40% said they’d be more likely to share deals if incentivized, and 28% of those who have not shared in the past reported being more likely to start sharing if incentivized.

Earlier this year, a study from ShareThis and the Paley Center for Media found that shared online content (via email or social networking) could have almost the same degree of influence as in-person recommendations.

About the Data: The Yesmail survey was conducted among more than 500 active social media users.

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