MCDebrief-Boomers-EntryChartThe Millennial generation today is dissected from all angles, garnering a significant amount of attention from marketers. But what about Baby Boomers – are they under-appreciated? A new MarketingCharts Debrief – “Advertising to Baby Boomers: The Why and How” [download page] – provides targeted and actionable data for advertisers targeting the Baby Boomer generation, which not only controls a significantly larger share of the nation’s discretionary spending than any other, but which also appears heavily reliant on advertising as a product information source.

Despite the logic of advertising to Baby Boomers (aged roughly 50-68 today), a report released in late 2012 by Nielsen and BoomAgers estimated that less than 5% of advertising dollars are targeted to adults aged 35-64. In other words, an even smaller portion of advertising dollars are aimed at Baby Boomers – and many Americans indeed note that advertising fails to cater to aging consumers.

This seems to be a missed opportunity, particularly given the size and spending power of this generation. But the Debrief also unearths obstacles to advertising to Baby Boomers, who tend to be skeptical of advertisers’ trustworthiness.

The study provides insights for advertisers in crafting their creative to better resonate with Baby Boomers, while delving into this generation’s discretionary spending and the advertising channels that are most effective in reaching and influencing them. The study also contrasts the attitudes and opinions of Baby Boomers and Millennials across many of these measures.

Containing 20 charts and tables, the Debrief was compiled using a mix of data privately-sourced from leading providers, publicly available research (some of which has previously been featured on the MarketingCharts website) and primary research conducted by MarketingCharts.

About the Data: MarketingCharts is grateful for contributions to this report from Experian Marketing Services, and to SurveyMonkey for opening up its Audience panel for a nationally representative survey of 2,015 adults.

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