Which Online Content Categories Are Mostly Consumed on Mobile?

May 12, 2014

comScoreMillennialMedia-Share-of-Time-Online-by-Category-Device-May2014Time spent accessing the internet on smartphones matched online time spent with PCs in January, according to a recent report from Millennial Media and comScore. But the extent to which online content was consumed on PCs versus mobile devices varied considerably by content category: for example, 80% of time spent with B2B content was via PCs, whereas 79% of time spent with streaming radio was on smartphones, per the study.

B2B content emerged as the most heavily consumed on PCs, likely a reflection of B2B buyers and decision-makers being far more likely to be using PCs at work than the typical adult.

But beyond B2B, other content categories are also heavily consumed on PCs rather than mobile. Those include automotive (where PCs represent 76% of minutes), travel (68%), TV (67%) and business/finance (62%).

Mobile devices accounted for at least half of time spent in 6 of the 14 categories. Streaming radio was the most heavily mobile, with 95% of online time spent with the category coming via smartphone (79%) or tablet (16%). Mobile devices also comprised a majority of time spent with games (85%), social media (72%), weather (69%), and retail (53%), and half of the time spent with health content.

The distribution of time spent across devices also differs by age and gender. For example, women aged 25-49 spent almost two-thirds of their time with retail content via smartphones (47%) and tablets (17%), while men in that age bracket spent a relatively smaller 47% of their retail time accessing via mobile devices. And while business and finance content was generally consumed more on PCs than on mobile devices, there was a strong age gap in the findings, with 18-24-year-olds spending almost three-quarters (72%) of their time with this content using smartphones.

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