Out-of-Home Patterns of Young Adults, the Affluent, Movie Enthusiasts Studied

April 17, 2008

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As more consumers are “on the go,” out-of-home marketing is becoming an effective way to reach them, according to a consumer-insight study of the out-of-home patterns of young adults, the affluent, and movie enthusiasts by Aegis Media‘s PosterscopeUSA.

Below, results from the survey of Americans age 15-64.

Young adults (age 18-30) spend more time with out-of-home media than do all adults on average. Young adults…

  • Are 28% more likely to visit bars, clubs and coffee shops than all adults 18+.
  • Are most receptive to advertising in movie theaters (84% of young adults are likely to notice ads in a theater, 12% more than all adults) grocery stores, on billboards, and in malls.
  • Are less receptive to internet, magazines, newspapers, and radio advertising.
  • Spend an average of 61 minutes per day in their car and 14 hours per week on their mobile phone.

Affluent consumers spend more time in their cars on an average workday and are 127% more likely to visit airports than the general population.

  • Some 23% of those with household income of $100K+ visit airports regularly.
  • 57% say they notice advertising in airports.
  • About half (47%) say advertising in airports helps them pass time; more than one-third say it is “eye-catching.”

Compared with the general population, the affluent are…

  • 56% more likely to visit gyms
  • 49% more likely to visit spas
  • 30% more likely to visit casual dining restaurants.

Movie Enthusiasts (people age 15+ who go to the movies once a month or more) are also more likely than the general population to frequent other out-of-home venues, such as…

  • Malls (42% more likely)
  • Casual dining restaurants (33% more likely)
  • Coffee shops (67% more likely)
  • Bars (66% more likely)
  • Gyms (51% more likely)
  • Airports (81% more likely)
  • Sports stadiums (85% more likely)

Some?91% of movie enthusiasts say they have noticed some type of advertising at the theater the last time they went to the movies. They also notice ads…

  • At grocery stores – 77% say so, and over half of them report having purchased a product they saw advertised in a grocery store
  • On billboards – 74% say so, and over half of them say that advertising on billboards is a welcome distraction from traffic and that they often notice advertising on posters and billboards when they are out and about
  • At malls (67%) and sports stadiums (57%)

More than one-fifth of movie enthusiasts plan to buy a car in the next year; they spend an average of 5 more minutes per day in their cars than all adults on average.

About the survey: Posterscope’s questionnaire gathered data from a cross-seciont of Americans age 15-64 to find patterns of media consumption, attitudes toward advertising and receptivity to advertising and marketing messages (including digital out-of-home). Findings were compared across all media (mobile, out-of-home, newspapers and magazines, cinema, radio, tv and the internet), as were values of particular venues and platforms within out-of-home for any target consumer group.

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