Average Digital Campaign In-Target Rates, by Vertical

April 3, 2014


    Source: comScore [download page]

      Notes: In-target rates range from a high of 61% for computer/technology advertisers to a low of 41% for consumer goods campaigns. The study also finds that only 46% of digital ads were in-view during Q1 2014, unchanged from similar research released last year by comScore. A recent PointRoll study [pdf], meanwhile, suggests that 60% of ads are in-view using the IAB’s definition.

        About the Data: The in-target overall norm comprises data from more than 200 billion impressions over the course of a 12-month rolling period. This includes campaigns that go beyond the select Advertiser / Product categories listed in the chart to also include additional Advertiser / Product categories as well as studies run directly by publishers and ad networks.

        Target audience is categorized based on the primary target selection in vCE, which is self-designated during campaign set-up.

        The Health / Wellness category includes campaigns for brands, products and/or services in the following sectors: health associations, health insurance, hospitals, over-the-counter, pharmaceutical, public health and wellness.

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