Online Influencers: Topics Internet Users Are Posting Their Opinions About

February 20, 2014

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GWI-Topics-Online-Users-Share-Opinions-About-Online-Feb2014When it comes to sharing on social media sites, internet users around the world are more likely to be found sharing their opinions than news items, per a recent study from Ipsos. Now, new data publicly released by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) offers some insight into the topics that online users around the world most commonly post their opinions about. Mobile phones lead the pack, with 27% of respondents (aged 16-64) professing to have posted an opinion about them online during the month prior to the survey.

Next up, computers, which 23% of respondents had opined about online, with these top 2 categories highlighting the prominence of consumer technology reviews online. Those reviews are influential, too: a study last year found consumer electronics buyers more likely to rely on consumer than professional reviews.

Not surprisingly, entertainment is also a fixture: some 22% had posted an opinion about films, while 19% had done so about music. Books were a little further back, but were still a topic of discussion for 15%.

The survey results were released to mark London Fashion Week, and the findings indicate that online users are also sharing their opinions about fashion and clothing, with 21% having done so in the prior month. Separately, a recent study from Millennial Media found that self-described “fashionistas” are active social media users, with 39% of the US variety using Instagram. (For context, some 17% of online American adults use Instagram, per recent figures from Pew.)

Finally, the GWI survey results indicate that internet users aren’t just uploading food pics to Instagram, they’re also sharing their opinions about grocery food products and fast food (16% each).

About the Data: The GWI study was conducted in Q4 2013.

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