Mobile Engagement Seen Higher With Apps Than Sites

November 7, 2013

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Adobe-Mobile-App-Engagement-Nov2013Building a mobile application is a “worthy investment” says Adobe, citing data showing that users of mobile applications tend to frequent them more often and for longer periods of time than visitors to websites from mobile devices. Comparing engagement on apps versus the web across more than 600 brands, Adobe found that tablet users spent on average 24 minutes per app session, about 4 times longer than their typical website visit. Smartphone users spent about 3 times longer in apps than browsing websites (13 minutes vs. 4.5 minutes).

Those results also mean that tablet users tend to stay in their app sessions about twice as long as smartphone users, while that gap is much smaller for website visits.

Meanwhile, smartphone users appear to use the average app twice as often as visiting the average mobile website (9.8 times per month, versus 4.4 times).

It’s worth noting, though, that research has shown mobile websites to have greater reach than mobile apps. In a study released earlier this year, Arbitron noted that the top mobile commerce web domains are accessed by a larger portion of its smartphone panel, but for fewer sessions and minutes per month than their app equivalents.

Other Findings:

  • Mobile financial apps are used most frequently (9.2 times per month), per Adobe, followed by media (6.9), B2B (6.5), retail (5.8) and travel (5.6) apps.
  • When it comes to time per session, though, travel takes the top spot (22 minutes), followed by media (20 minutes) and financial (16 minutes). Users spend an average of just 7 minutes with B2B apps.
  • iOS users spend about twice as long per session than Android users (19 minutes vs. 9 minutes), per Adobe. Arbitron’s research also found iOS users spending more time with commerce apps per session than Android users.
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