Americans Drawn to Digital Media More For Entertainment Than For Self-Expression

August 14, 2013

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Mindshare-Digital-Media-Use-Motivation-Rankings-Aug2013Compared to consumers in 32 other countries, Americans are among the least motivated to use digital media for self-expression, even using online media typically associated with self-expression (such as blogging) more out of a desire for entertainment, says new research by Mindshare. Americans also rank comparatively low in “transaction” motivation, which measures e-commerce and other online transaction-based activities.

The study arrived at these conclusions via a survey of 33,000 respondents across the 33 countries, segmenting the motivation of online consumers into 4 areas: self-expression; entertainment; information gathering; and transacting. The researchers also created an “infrastructure score” for each country through an examination of internet availability and average speeds. Mapping and cross-referencing those scores resulted in an overall motivation score, which was judged to be either above or below “normal’ based on the infrastructure quality.

The US’ rankings in terms of digital motivations closely resembled Australia’s across each of the 4 factors, suggesting that the two countries share similar digital cultures. By contrast, respondents in the UK were comparatively less motivated by information seeking, and much more so by transacting. (A study last year forecast e-commerce sales to account for 23% of total UK retail sales in 2016, compared to 7% in the US.)

The US, UK and Australia were all below “normal” in their use of digital communications across the 4 motivation areas when compared to their digital infrastructure quality.

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