‘Top Friends’ Top Facebook App, MySpace Has Largest Widget Audience

January 24, 2008

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In November 2007, nearly 148 million US Internet users viewed widgets – representing 81% of the total audience, according to comScore’s November 2007 US rankings of the top web widgets.

MySpace.com widgets had the widest audience, reaching more than 57 million Internet users, while Slide.com ranked second with 39.2 million viewers.

Top Friends” by Slide was the top-ranked Facebook application during the month, with more than 6.2 million engaged viewers (18.5% of the Facebook audience)

comScore’s Widget Metrix service now includes reporting of JavaScript objects – as well as Facebook applications, measurement of which requires that a user actively engage it and therefore different from the reporting of other widgets, which are measured in terms of views or exposures.

Top Facebook Apps

The inaugural Facebook application rankings revealed that more than 20 million Facebook visitors, or 61% of the site’s US audience, engaged with an application in November.

Visitors between the ages of 18 and 24 were twice as likely as the average Facebook visitor to engage with applications, while those aged 25 and older were less likely than average to do so.


After “Top Friends” on Facebook came Movies by Flixster with 5.2 million (15.4%), and SuperPoke! by Slide with 3.6 million (10.8%).

Slide contributed three of the ten most engaged Facebook applications in November, while RockYou! contributed two.
Widget definitions: The current universe of widgets is defined as embedded Shockwave Flash objects, certain JavaScript objects, and Facebook applications. The report currently focuses on the individual widgets, and not the platforms that deliver them. Desktop widgets are not included in the reporting.

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