Completion Rate Said Most Important Metric for Multi-Screen Video Ad Campaigns

June 14, 2013

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Mixpo-Most-Important-Metric-Multiscreen-Video-Ad-Campaigns-June2013Measuring and evaluating campaign effectiveness is the top challenge when running multi-screen video advertising campaigns, according to [download page] recently-released results from a Mixpo survey. The survey – of more than 300 industry professionals across agencies, media companies, and ad tech entities – indicated that perceptions regarding which metric is most important vary. While completion rate (with a rating average of 2.56, where 1 is most important) shows up as the most important metric, brand uplift (2.69) is close behind in value. View rate (3.14), click-through rate (3.18) and time spent viewing (3.43) also received some first place votes.

A study released last year by Vindico argued that completion rates are a better indicator of online video ad success than click-through rates.

The lack of common agreement on metrics is one indicator of the problems in evaluating the effectiveness of multi-screen video advertising, which 71% of agencies and 59% of media companies say is a core challenge.

Respondents aren’t letting such issues get in the way of their campaigns, though. Last year, 81% of media companies and 78% of agencies reported implementing multi-screen advertising, and this year 96% of the former and 90% of the latter say they’ll run such campaigns.

Driving respondents’ interest in multi-screen advertising is the reach and frequency it affords, cited as a key benefit by 82% of media companies and 86% of agencies. Second behind reach and frequency as a benefit is engagement, according to the study. That tracks with recent survey results from Be On, which found most global marketers to be of the belief that online video can provide more engagement opportunities than TV.

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