Significant Proportion of SMS Responses Occur in First 15 Minutes

June 14, 2013

Dynmark-SMS-Responses-First-15-Minutes-June2013SMS messages achieve a high response rate across industries, and much of that engagement occurs in the first 15 minutes, finds Dynmark [download page] in a new study. Derived from an analysis of almost a billion SMS transactions through 1,500 networks across 42 mobile operating systems and a multitude of countries, the data reveals that the finance and banking and travel and transport sectors garner quick responses, with 57% and 54% of their responses, respectively, coming in the first 15 minutes. The researchers attribute this to their messaging content being more operational in nature, rather than offer-based marketing from sectors such as retail and entertainment, which get less than 40% of their responses in the first 15 minutes.

Overall, the report sets the benchmark at 43% of responses within the first 15 minutes.

Separately, the study illustrates the high click rates achieved by SMS messaging, with retail (8%) and entertainment (14%) each outperforming the industry average of 4%. Encouraging specific responses tends to have the desired effect, with entertainment reaching a response rate high of 24% for such instructive content.

Other Findings:

  • Though Windows phones accounted for 15% share of operating systems communicated to through Dynmarks’ platform, they represented an outsized share of click-throughs (22%), suggesting that these users tend to respond better than users of other operating systems.
  • On average, 31% of mobile numbers held by organizations for their customers aren’t live.
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