Samsung Said Besting Apple in Q1 Mobile Ad Performance

May 31, 2013

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Adfonic-Top-Mobile-Devices-in-Q1-May2013Samsung mobile devices on the whole sported higher click-through rates than the iPhone in the US and UK during Q1, reversing a long-standing trend and marking a “highly significant” moment, per new data [pdf] from Adfonic. With a CTR index of 1.06 and an effective earnings for thousand impressions (eCPM) index of 1.08, Samsung passed Apple (1.01 and 0.98, respectively) in performance for the quarter. Apple retained its lead as the top manufacturer by share of ad impressions, though, with Samsung trailing.

Among tablets, the iPad continued to dominate in market share, also turning in a strong CTR performance. However, despite the iPad outperforming Samsung tablets in CTR overall, the gap narrowed considerably throughout the quarter.

Tablets continued to gain in share of ad requests, per the report, reaching 15% during Q1. But tablet performance slipped, with the eCPM index far higher for smartphones (1.04) than tablets (0.81).

Other Findings:

  • The iPhone was the top device by share of ad requests (24.3%), and was followed by the iPad (8.6%) and iPod Touch (7.2%).
  • The Games (37%) and Entertainment (25%) publisher channels generated more than half of all ad requests during Q1.
  • The Entertainment & Media vertical was the top spender, accounting for 33% of all spending, with technology and telecom (27%) not far behind.
  • Three-quarters of ad requests were for the under 20 (37%) and 20-29 (38%) age brackets.
  • Click-through rates tended to be higher during the weekends, with Saturdays boasting CTRs 7% above-average and Sundays 6% higher.

About the Data: The Adfonic Global AdMetrics Report is based on data drawn from Adfonic’s buying platform during the quarter.

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