43% of Music Fans Notice Brand Sponsorships

May 10, 2013

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Nielsen-Music-Fans-and-Brand-Sponsorships-May2013Music fans not only appreciate artists, but also the brands that sponsor their events, according to [download page] a report from Nielsen. The “US Entertainment Consumer Report” reveals that 43% of music fans notice when a brand or product sponsors an artist or brand. Reaching these fans is an important endeavor: while they represent only 40% of music consumers overall, they account for 75% of spending on music. Separate results suggest that some of these fans will be persuaded to try a product by the brands’ promotional activities.

The study segments music consumers into 4 segments: “aficionado fans;” “digital fans;” “big box fans;” and all other music consumers. Some highlights regarding these segments follow.

  • Aficionado fans love music, are very engaged, understand the industry, are social, and attend live events. While representing just 14% of all music consumers, they account for an outsized 34% of spending on music. 23% of these fans agree or strongly agree with the statement “I will usually try a brand/product if they sponsor an event/concert for an artist/band that I like.”
  • Digital fans are also engaged, and enjoy listening through Facebook and sharing playlists. They use their smartphones as entertainment hubs, and are influenced by reviews. They’re also big spenders, accounting for 27% share of total spending on music while representing just 13% of all music consumers. They’re also the most likely to be influenced by sponsorships, with 30% saying they’ll typically try a product from a sponsor.
  • Big box fans claim “to have a very intense relationship with music,” according to the study, enjoy music heard in movies, and are influenced by deals. They’re not as likely to spend big bucks, though: they represent 13% of all music consumers, and 14% of total spending. Still, 28% will try a product from an artist’s sponsor.
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