Mobile Perceived as Most Disruptive Media and Marketing Trend

January 24, 2013

AdMediaPartners-Most-Disruptive-Media-Marketing-Trends-Jan2013A survey of domestic and international media and marketing executives (about half of whom are in the services/marketing or media technology business) has found that a plurality 25% see mobile as the most disruptive force in their industry. Mobile outpaced other hot trends such as social media (13%), digital (12%), free information/free content (6%), and big data (4%), according to [pdf] the AdMedia Partners study.

The results could be skewed by the composition of the respondent sample, of course. For example, of the 7,400 respondents in advertising, marketing services, digital marketing, marketing technology, media technology, media or digital media, only 16% identified themselves as being in the content business.

Still, to some extent, the results mirror what marketers responding to a separate survey have said. January survey results from Econsultancy and Adobe found digital marketers tabbing mobile optimization as the year’s most exciting digital opportunity, even as they pointed to content marketing as their top priority.

Mobile the Top Area of Expansion Interest

Separate results from AdMedia Partners’ “19th Annual Market Survey 2013” indicate that mobile marketing is the top area of M&A expansion interest this year, with 67% of respondents citing an interest in this space. Analytics (66%) and last year’s leader, social marketing (64%) were close behind.

The study notes a general decrease in interest in the various identified sectors this year. The areas with the largest drops (by percentage points) were search marketing (down 18% points from 50% to 32%), social marketing (down 16% points from 80% to 64%) and marketing/strategic consulting (down 16% points from 65% to 49%).

About the Data: In November 2012, AdMedia Partners conducted its 19th annual survey on the outlook for M&A for media, marketing services and marketing technology firms in the coming year.

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