This Year Casual Gaming, Next Year Coed Gaming

November 26, 2007

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As the Nintendo Wii helped penetrate and create a new casual gaming market, new research indicates that co-ed gaming may be the next challenging opportunity for videogame manufacturers, according to Anderson Analytics.
College students, in particular, are heavy gamers, Anderson Analytics found in its latest survey of 1,000 college students across the US: About two-thirds of students play games – 82% of male students and 59% of female students.

In the Anderson Analytics GenX2Z College study, only about one quarter of gamers said they play games often with someone of the opposite sex. However, the majority of the gamers expressed a desire to see games that are specifically designed to encourage coed game play, particularly offline.


“This may be both a promising opportunity as well as quite a challenge for game makers, since male and female gamers tend to be drawn to different genres,” said Tom H. C. Anderson, managing partner of Anderson Analytics

Action/adventure games (70%), shooters (52%), sports games (48%) and strategy games (47%) are the top game categories among male college students.


Females tend not to select shooter and sports games are as their favorites, though some do play action/adventure games (49%) and strategy games (40%).

Also, compared with males, females have a more diverse list of favorites, including puzzle (55%), party/family fun (46%) and rhythm (33%) games.

Among other findings of the study:

  • On average, college students spend 6 hours a week playing videogames during the school year; however, 6% of students spend more than 15 hours a week gaming during the school year.
  • Despite of the growing gaming trend among college students, particularly among college women, gaming has not yet overtaken television: On average, students spend 9 hours a week watching TV.
  • Among college women, the Wii seems especially popular.
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