ZiffDavis: Gamers Influence General Product Purchases

November 21, 2007

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In a community where word-of-mouth reigns supreme, the gaming demographic is becoming recognized by retailers as consisting of influencers. And gamers don’t just influence gaming-related purchases – but general product purchases, according to a Ziff Davis Media consumer study, reports MediaBuyerPlanner.

The study was fielded online among users of ZiffDavis Game Group’s 1UP Network in August and conducted by comScore.

The survey, which garnered response from a predominantly male audience, with an average age of 24, reflects interest particularly in the entertainment and technology realm, such as consumer electronics, music and movie purchases.

Some survey highlights:

  • The gaming community is heavily composed of technology enthusiasts. Over 80% own a mobile phone, DVD player, and desktop computer and over 50% own a digital camera, MP3 player (without video), Wi-Fi products, PC storage/hard drive and flat panel PC monitor.


  • Gamers are looking ahead to the latest technology for future purchases, with about one-third considering a purchase in the next six months of flat panel/plasma/LCD TVs, HDTVs and high-end audio systems; another 25% is considering purchasing digital camcorders and laptop/notebook computers.


  • Gamers are enthusiastic about and comfortable with new technology and consumer electronics (93%), with 76% described by their friends as being into the latest technology and 61% being the first among their friends to buy new technology gadgets.


  • Music is an important part of gamers’ lives. MP3 players are on the rise within the gaming community, with 71% planning to purchase an Apple iPod in the next six months, 43% Microsoft Zune, 28% Apple iPhone, and 24% Creative Labs.


  • Gamers are also avid movie watchers, with 64% going to theaters at least once a month, 91% watching a DVD movie at least once a month, and 76% renting an average of 7 movies in the previous 6 months.


  • Moreover, Gamers enjoy a variety of movie genres:
    • Comedy (89%)
    • Action/adventure (88%)
    • Science fiction (79%)
    • Animated (64%)
    • Comic book (59%)
    • War (58%)
    • Martial arts (58%)
    • Anime (51%)
    • Horror (51%)

About the study: comScore surveyed 1UP Network visitors, 989 of whom completed the survey, which was conducted August 13 – 31, 2007. Visitors to the 1UP Network were recruited directly off the site via house banner ads.

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