iOS Leads – Strongly – In Mobile Ad Monetization

October 26, 2012

Among mobile platforms, Apple’s iOS leads in monetization performance on the Opera Advertising mobile platform, as Opera details [download page] in a report covering platform activity in Q3. iOS devices’ average effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM) of $1.64 ($1.48 for the iPhone, $0.82 for the iPod Touch, and a whopping $4.42 for the iPad) outperformed the global average eCPM of $1.31 by more than 25%. RIM took second place with an eCPM of $1.06, followed by Android at $0.88.

eCPMs are down considerably from Q2, when Opera tallied the iPhone eCPM at $2.85, and Android at $2.10.

iOS in Q3 also dominated traffic on the network at 46.37% share (led by the iPhone with 30.43% of all traffic), followed by Android (25.66%), other (20.04%), RIM (4.40%) and Symbian (3.35%).

Finally, iOS dominates in share of revenue. Fully 58.4% of revenue can be traced to iOS devices, 34.38% to iPhones alone. Android devices are a distant second at 16.79%, and RIM devices 4.15%. Symbian accounts for just 0.99% of revenues, and other platforms, 19.67%.

Sports a Rising Star for Mobile Ad Revenue

Measuring revenues per impression gives a solid idea of performance among site categories.

Business, Finance & Investing properties are the top performers (as they were in Q2), consistently generating more revenue per impression than any other category: With only around 1% of impressions in Q3, the category accounted for nearly 10% of revenues.

Sports properties gathered close to 5% of impressions, but garnered more than 15% of total revenue (the highest share by category). Arts and Entertainment also performed well: slightly less than 5% of impressions, but easily passing 10% of revenues.

A relative underperformer: Social, which was the leading category in share of impressions (more than 20%), but with less than 10% of revenue.

7 in 10 Ad Requests From North America

Across the Opera Advertising platform, North America (the United States and Canada) continues to generate the vast majority of ad requests, at 70% share. Asia-Pacific is a distant second at 14% (led by Indonesia), while the European Union accounts for 10% (led by the UK). Both the Middle East and Africa account for just 2% each, and Central and Latin America, just 1.3%.

About The Data: Based on aggregated information obtained from the Opera Mobile Ad Platform and Opera Mobile Ad Exchange servers for Q3 2012. The data presented represents traffic and monetization metrics and statistics compiled across multiple advertising campaigns delivered by Opera to its mobile publisher customers. The data includes ads requested from and delivered by Opera on behalf of multiple ad networks as well as directly sold campaigns created by its customers. Country-level details based on IP addresses of the originating ad requests as forwarded to Opera by its mobile publisher/app developer customers. Device details are similarly based on device user agents provided by these same customers.

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