App Users Motivated to Maximize Device Experience

September 19, 2012

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Among mobile device users who have downloaded applications, 49% did so because they are always looking to get more out of their mobile devices, while 46% said that apps are the most entertaining way to use their mobile devices, details a [pdf] September 2012 report from the Application Developers Alliance, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates. 47% reported that they downloaded apps because they are easier to use than mobile browsers, and 47% also said a key driver for downloading apps was recommendations by others.

Other reasons mobile users download apps include because they enjoy learning about and trying new apps (46%) and because they find that apps are the fastest way to get information while using their devices (44%).

According to a September report from comScore, 52.6% of the mobile subscriber audience used downloaded apps in the 3-month period ending in July 2012.

Smartphone Users Have 18 Apps Each

Details from the App Developers Alliance’s “The Growing App Market: Adoption, Attitudes & Usage” indicate that among those respondents who own or use at least one smart mobile device, smartphone users are the most likely to download apps, and to have the largest average amount.

76% of smartphone owners report that they download and use apps, with a mean of 18 apps on their devices. Tablet users are not far behind: 69% of tablet users say they download and using apps, and have about 15.5 apps each on their devices. (Just 47% of e-reader users download and use apps, and they have a mean of 5 each on their devices.)

Meanwhile, smartphone owners (71%) are also more likely than tablet (64%) and e-reader (52%) owners to use half or more of their apps monthly.

App use will only rise. 35% of app users overall plan to use them more often in the next 6 months, while 61% will use them about as often. Just 3% plan to use apps less often, and 1% much less often.

Other Findings:

  • Among those who have not yet used or downloaded apps, 32% report being extremely likely to use apps on their tablets in the next 6 months, and 34% on their smartphones.
  • Non-users report being most interested in apps for entertainment (72%), productivity (69%), news and information (60%), and lifestyle (54%). Other categories that interest them, in descending order, include social networking, finance and health.

About The Data: Survey respondents were 1,000 consumers aged 18-64 who own and/or use at least one mobile device capable of running apps (including smartphones, tablets, eReaders and iPod Touch). Three quarters qualified as mobile app users and one quarter as non-app users. Online surveys were completed between May 30 and June 4, 2012.

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