Security, Item Type Key Factors When Shopping via Mobile

September 6, 2012

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prosper-mobile-purchase-considerations-when-using-device-sept2012.pngPrice is a natural consideration when making a purchase via mobile, but security and item type are virtually as important to mobile shoppers, according to [download page] a Prosper Mobile Insights survey released in September 2012. When asked what factors they consider when deciding whether or not to purchase an item, 52.4% of the smartphone and tablet owners surveyed cited price, while 51.8% named the security of the site or application, and 50% the type of item.

Other key considerations for respondents included: the form of payment (e.g., credit/debit/other account – 47%); the reputation of the site or app (45.1%); and how easy the site/app is to use (41.8%). Only 14.3% of respondents said that they will never consider purchasing an item using a smartphone or tablet.

Apparel, Entertainment Items Leading Purchases

Data from the study suggests that mobile owners tend to research higher-cost items on their mobile devices, but not buy those items as frequently using the devices. For example, asked which items they research on their smartphones or tablets, 38.7% cited big-ticket electronics like televisions or computers, which was the second-most commonly researched category. Yet, just 10.4% have purchased a big-ticket electronic item on their device, making that one of the least commonly-purchased categories.

Of the 10 item categories identified, apparel (40.5%) was the most commonly researched, followed by big ticket electronics (38.7%), small-ticket electronics (like DVD players and e-readers – 37.8%), entertainment (CDs, DVDs, books – 33.5%) and appliances (31.7%).

Asked which items they had actually purchased over a mobile device, apparel again topped the list, at 29.9% of respondents, followed by entertainment items (including CDs, DVDs and books), at 23.2%. Ringtones and other media for their devices was third (20.1%), ahead of small-ticket electronics (19.5%) and beauty products (14.6%).

An April study from WorldPay found similar results, with apparel (53%), books (46%), and DVDs and video games (42%) topping the list of mobile purchases among American shoppers.

4 in 10 Will Not Buy Big-Ticket Items Via Mobile

Further details from the Prosper Mobile Insights study indicate that a significant proportion of respondents will never consider purchasing higher-cost items over their devices: 40.9% could never see themselves buying big-ticket electronics items, while 38.7% would never buy furniture, and 31.4% would never purchase appliances using their device.

Still, 37.8% reported they would consider purchasing all types of items on their devices.

Other Findings:

  • 88.1% of respondents said that they occasionally (48.5%) or regularly (39.6%) research products or services on their smartphone or tablet. 66.5% said they occasionally (45.1%) or regularly (21.3%) purchase them on their devices.
  • While shopping in a store, 34.5% said they have compared prices on their device but still purchased from the same retailer, while 33.8% said they had compared prices and purchased from another retailer’s physical store. After comparing prices, respondents were more likely to have purchased from another retailer’s website using their device than from the same retailer’s website using their device (25.9% vs. 17.1%).
  • 35.7% of respondents said they have scanned a QR code to get more information about a product while shopping in-store. 23.8% have checked in for a discount, and 17.7% have requested a price match.

About The Data: The Prosper Mobile Insights Survey included 328 smartphone and tablet users aged 18 or older from the Survey Sampling International (SSI) Panel who completed the survey on their devices. The survey was collected from 8/21 – 8/24/12. 162 respondents were male while 166 were female, and the average age of the sample was 46.

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