Demand for Mobile Impressions Through RTB Jumps During H1

August 21, 2012

mopub-advertiser-demand-mobile-impressions-jan-jun-august2012.pngAdvertiser and demand-side platform demand for mobile ad impressions (both in-app and otherwise) through real-time bidding (RTB) rose from 0.4 bids per impression request in January to 1.6 in June, with a peak of 1.7 in May, according to [download page] an August 2012 report from MoPub. That competition drove volatility in auction win rates early in the year, from a low of 18% in January to a high of 53% in February, stabilizing at 37-38% in the last two months of H1.

Comparing the major operating systems, the report finds that iOS commanded the higher eCPM over Android in Q2, with the former ranging between $0.80-$0.91, compared to the latter’s range of $0.39-$0.52. Relative to the average eCPM, iOS commanded between 17% and 23% above the average, compared to Android’s 33%-41% below-average.

Android Gains in Popularity

Android gained in popularity among advertisers during Q2, though, with an increase in share of auction volume of 39%, from 28% in April to 39% in June. Across devices, smartphones led in the share of auction volume, with Android phones gaining momentum at the expense of the iPhone. The iPhone share of auction volume fell from 48% in April to 44% in June, while Android phones’ share of volume increased from 28% to 38% in that time period. Other iOS devices lost ground as well. The iPad declined from 13% to 10% share, while the iPod Touch fell from 19% to 8%.

Social Networking Demand Shows Solid Growth

Among a variety of categories, demand for social networking impressions stood out in Q2, growing from 9% share of auction volume in April to 31% in June. The entertainment category saw its share of auction volume fall from 18% to 13% in the same time period.

The report finds that social networking ad impressions deliver a below-average effective cost per thousand (eCPM). For the period, the average eCPM was $0.65, with health and fitness ($0.52), entertainment ($0.52), and social networking ($0.53) all falling below that average. Business sported the highest eCPM of the identified categories, at $0.84, followed by lifestyle ($0.79), music ($0.78), games ($0.76), news ($0.76), reference ($0.75), photography ($0.73) and utilities ($0.71).

US Boasts Largest Auction Share, Canada Grows To Second

The US demonstrated the largest share of auction volume in Q2, growing from 21% in April to 25% in June, even as the rest of the world was in flux. Canada started the quarter at 10% share, fell to 5% in May, before ending at 19% in June. The UK began at 12% in April, peaked at 19% in May, and declined to 9% in July.

Italy lost considerable ground, with 15% of share of auction volume in April, and a fast drop to 3% for both May and June.

Compared to the US, Australia and Spain command the highest eCPMs, 24% higher.

Other Findings:

  • iPad full-screen landscape ads (1024?768) saw the greatest increase in price, with eCPMs of $4.47 in June, up from $3.61 in April
  • Banner ads continue to dominate, with 86% of auction volume in June. Horizontal full-screen interstitials (popular in gaming apps) declined in auction volume, as did gaming volume impressions.
  • While impressions with unique device identifiers (UDID) continue to command a premium over those without an identifier, eCPMs are beginning to converge.
  • Increases in overall auction volume with location information increased by 154% month-over-month in June, and those with gender data rose by 127%.

About The Data:The MoPub report includes market data from real-time bidded auctions for mobile ad impressions, aggregated from smartphone applications, advertisers and demand side platforms on the MoPub Marketplace mobile ad exchange in Q1 and Q2 2012. Data is solely representative of exchange-traded media on MoPub Marketplace and does not include any ad network or ad network mediation data. MoPub Marketplace suppliers are from the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The data is representative of 15 billion monthly ad impressions across two dozen verticals.

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