Online Video Ad Views Slowed in July

August 20, 2012

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comscore-online-video-ad-views-jan-jul12-aug2012.pngAmericans viewed 9.6 billion online video ads in July, representing a 12.7% drop from June’s 11 billion views, according to August 2012 comScore VideoMetrix data, though some of that drop is attributable to a tagging issue with a video ad network. Still, video ad impressions for 2012 are up considerably, and July’s reported 9.6 billion ad views represent a 71% rise over January’s 5.6 billion. In July, video ads accounted for 20.7% of all videos viewed – down 4% points from 25% in June, while ads accounted for 1.6% of minutes spent viewing video online, down from 2% in June.

The top video ad properties, save for Google, for the most part delivered less video ad views in July when compared to the prior month. Google sites led with 1.52 billion ads in July (up more than 7% from 1.41 billion), followed by Hulu with 1.22 billion (down 8% from 1.33 billion), at 1.13 billion (down from 1.15 billion), and SpotXchange with 1.05 billion. Fifth-place TubeMogul delivered 840 million ads, down from more than 1 billion.

BrightRoll Video Network, which delivered almost 1.4 billion ads in June, had an implementation error with its video tags, so its data was not included. It is unclear if this omission affected the month-over-month drop in video ad views from June; a voicemail left with comScore has yet to be returned. [Update: A representative from comScore reports that comScore captured a good portion of the BrightRoll ads, but the measurement was incomplete due to the tagging issue. The topline video ad totals were impacted, although not substantially. The representative attributed the month-over-month decline to seasonal effects and some impact from the tagging issue.]

Meanwhile, time spent watching video ads totaled 3.9 billion minutes in July, down from 4.6 billion for June, a drop of 15%. Video ads reached 52% of the total US population an average of 61 times during the month, down from 68 for June. Hulu delivered the highest frequency of ads at 46, and second place ESPN delivered 26.

Facebook Overtakes Yahoo In Video Audience

comscore-top-online-video-properties-jul-2012-aug2012.pngAmong the top 10 US online content video properties in July, Facebook continued its strong gains from June, increasing its video audience by 8% to 53 million unique viewers, passing Yahoo for the second spot. Just 2 months earlier, Facebook was in the 5th spot.

Google sites continued to lead in July, but gained a comparatively smaller 1.6% of viewers month-over-month, to 157 million. Yahoo sites dropped about 4% of its viewers, down to 48.7 million, while Vimeo dropped off the top 10 list in July (it had cracked the Top 10 in June), making room for NDN with a strong 8th-place showing of 35.1 million total unique viewers.

Google again demonstrated the highest viewer engagement, with an average of roughly 8.8 hours per viewer.

Machinima Moves to Second Place in YouTube Partner Rankings

The July 2012 Top 5 YouTube Partner rankings showed Machinima advancing to second place for the first time, with 25.3 million viewers, ahead of Warner Music with 24.9 million. VEVO continued to hold first place (43.9 million), with Maker Studios (20.4 million) and FullScreen (17.3 million) remaining in the 4th and 5th spots, respectively.

Among the top 10 partners, Machinima once again displayed the highest engagement at 83.3 minutes per viewer, ahead of Maker Studios, at 45 minutes per viewer and VEVO, at just under 45 minutes.

Other Findings:

  • 85.5% of the US internet audience viewed online video, up slightly from 84.8% in June.
  • The duration of the average online content video was 6.7 minutes, down just slightly from 6.8 minutes in June, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes, unchanged from the previous month.
  • 184.2 million US internet users watched online video content in July (up from 180.4 million in June) for an average of 22.28 hours per viewer.
  • The total US internet audience engaged in 36.88 billion video views, up almost 12% from 33 billion in June.
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