SocNet Users Most Responsive to Brand Offers Reposted by Friends

July 30, 2012

performics-socnet-users-response-to-brand-offers-july2012.pngSocial network users who like or follow companies or products are most likely to respond to brand offers that are reposted by a friend, and least likely to respond to those in an ad on the social network, according to a July 2012 survey from Performics. Three-quarters of the respondents said they were very (33%) or somewhat (42%) likely to respond to a brand offer reposted by a friend, compared to 54% who would be at least somewhat likely to respond to an ad.

Offers appearing in the brand’s page on the social network get a similar response to those appearing in the user’s newsfeed – with roughly two-thirds of respondents very or somewhat likely to respond to such offers.

Overall, 46% of respondents who like or follow brands are very likely to respond to at least one of the offer locations, with parents and “?ber Users” most likely to do so. ?ber Users are the top third of people who visit more than one social network daily. Among those liking or following brands, 55% of this group are very likely to respond to a brand offer, followed by fathers, at 54%, and mothers, at 51%. Other men (e.g. single men, married men with no children) skew below the average, at 42%, and other women are least likely to respond, at 38%.

SocNet Users Like Entertainment

performics-company-types-followed-on-socnets-july2012.pngAmong active social network users (those who visit at least once daily), of the 19 company or product types that social network users like or follow on social networks, the most popular category is entertainment-related, cited by 48% of respondents. Restaurants (43%), food (43%), celebrities (37%), and apparel (35%) round out the top 5, while sports comes in strongly as well (32%), as does electronics, at 30%. On the other end of the scale, users are less likely to follow educational institutions (19%), telecommunications (17%), financial service companies (12%), pharmaceuticals (10%), and appliances (10%).

Women are more likely to follow companies on social network sites in 11 of the 19 categories, including entertainment, restaurants, food, celebrities and apparel. Men lead in the categories of sports, electronics, automobile and finance companies.

Users Respond Most To Pictures

Data from Performics’ “Life On Demand: Participant Behavior and Social Engagement” reveals that when presented with 5 types of company or brand content (from the companies or brands they follow), respondents were most likely to say they respond to pictures (44%), followed by status updates (40%), videos (37%), jokes/cartoons/memes (36%), and links to articles (35%). In general, women responded more to pictures, men more to video. Parents and ?ber Users were more likely to respond to all types of posting.

Women’s propensity to respond to pictures may explain the success of picture-intensive social network, Pinterest, at least among mothers. According to recent research from Nielsen, Pinterest is the top family and lifestyle site for mothers, with 4.9 million visiting the site in March 2012 from a home computer. In fact, mothers are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American.

Likes Follow Familiarity

Meanwhile, the Performics study finds that the leading reason to like or follow a store or brand is because the user shops at the store or purchases the product (59%). 45% hope for insider knowledge or special deals, while 38% have read about the brand or product and want to keep tabs, or want to be the first to know about new products or locations from the company. Other reasons include the user liking to read company/brand posts (29%), wanting to be associated with the brand (27%), and enjoying having a direct relationship with companies or brands (26%).

Different categories of user have different motivations. Women are more likely then the average to follow brands they purchase or stores at which they shop, and also are more likely to want insider knowledge or special deals. ?ber Users are more likely to follow a brand they’ve read about and want to keep tabs on, and are also more likely to want to read company or brand posts.

About The Data: Performics surveyed 1,961 Americans who visit at least one social network daily about their use of social media across devices, channels and screens.

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