Mobile Advertisers, Seeing Benefits, Turn to Rich Media

July 25, 2012

opera-mobile-ad-executions-by-type-jan-v-jun-july2012.pngAdvertisers on the Opera Advertising mobile platform are seeing higher engagement rates and dwell times from rich media units, and have shifted their focus accordingly, details Opera [download page] in a report covering platform activity in Q2. While in January, HTML5 and video combined comprised 34% of executions, by June, they accounted for 64%. HTML5 rich media executions increased from 28% to 51% share in that time period, while video’s share more than doubled from 6% to 13%. At the same time, standard and expandable banner ads decreased markedly, to 21% and 15% share, respectively.

A March 2012 report from Mojiva found mobile rich media campaign impressions increasing 235% between November 2011 and January 2012.

Rich Media Seen Fueling Engagement

Data from Opera’s “The State of Mobile Advertising” Q2 2012, indicates that two-thirds of users that click through to a video will complete the interaction, with an average dwell of 52 seconds. Dwell time is even higher for photo-taking capabilities, at 1 minute and 25 seconds, with 48% engagement post-click. Interaction rates and dwell time are lower for Facebook (23% and 37 seconds, respectively) and calendar (39% and 31 seconds, respectively).

Apple Devices Tops for Monetization

Further data from the report indicates that among smartphones, the iPhone (US $2.85) has the highest average eCPM, followed by Android ($2.10). No other device comes close. Overall, the iPhone delivers almost 30% of traffic on the network, but 43.5% of the revenue. Android, while close in share of traffic (24.4%), trails significantly in revenue share (26.6%).

The iPad also performs extremely well, with an eCPM of $3.96. The device accounted for 6.9% of traffic and 14.3% of revenue. A July report from Adfonic covering Q2 activity on its network found the iPad to generate the highest click-through rate of the Apple devices.

Business and Finance Leads in Revenue

Despite accounting for just 6% of impressions, the business and finance category held 30.8% share of revenues on the Opera platform in July, according to the report. Arts and entertainment also performed well in revenues per impressions, holding close to 14% share of revenues, as opposed to 9.2% share of impressions. By contrast, the social networking category accounted for 23.7% share of impressions, but just 4.5% share of revenue.

Other Findings:

  • Demand for tablet ad executions on the Opera platform are up 140% from 2011.
  • North America accounted for 73% of the global ad requests in Q2, with the EU (13%) and Asia-Pacific (10%) trailing distantly.
  • The US had the highest eCPM ($1.98), followed closely by the EU5 ($1.94). The global average was $1.90.
  • Among the ad networks connected with the platform, those with the highest fill rates tended to have lower eCPM payout rates, and vice versa.

About the Data: The Opera report is based on insights from Q2 2012 and summarizes experience gained serving more than 9,000 global customers, with more than 35 billion ad impressions per month and driving over $240 million (US) of revenue to mobile publishers in 2011.

Information contained in the report is based on aggregated information obtained from the Opera Mobile Ad Platform and Opera Mobile Ad Exchange servers. The data presented represents traffic and monetization metrics and statistics compiled across multiple advertising campaigns delivered by Opera to its mobile publisher customers. The data includes ads requested from and delivered by Opera on behalf of multiple ad networks as well as directly sold campaigns created by Opera’s customers themselves.

Country-level details are based on IP addresses of the originating ad requests as forwarded to Opera by ots mobile publisher/app developer customers. Device details are similarly based on device user agents provided by these same customers.

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