Gender Targeting Said Providing CTR Uplift to Mobile Advertisers

July 18, 2012

adfonic-gender-targeting-mobile-ad-ctr-uplift-july2012.pngTargeted messaging by gender earns mobile advertisers significant uplift in click-through rates (CTR), finds Adfonic [download page] in a July 2012 report covering Q2 activity on its network. For example, male targeting provides a 164% uplift for technology and telecom campaigns and a 149% lift for legal and CSR campaigns. Female targeting provides big lifts for both entertainment and media (+92%) and news and education (+54%) campaigns, while FMCG and retail campaigns benefit from gender-specific targeting to both male (46%) and female (22%) audiences.

CTR Differs by Region

Data from Adfonic’s Q2 “Global Admetrics Report” indicates that CTR performance shows significant differences across regions. In North America, technology and telecoms (+37%), style and fashion (+32%), entertainment and media (+15%), and automotive (+15%) have higher CTRs than the other regions. In Europe, though, lifestyle and health (+55%), travel (+33%), FMCG and retail (+31%), and social and dating (+23%) perform better, while in Asia, automotive (+85%) gets far higher engagement than the other regions.

eCPM Highest for Auto

Further data from the report reveals that higher cost per clicks (CPCs) and CTRs are driving higher-than-average eCPMs for a number of verticals, led by automotive (+152%), style and fashion (+142%), social and dating (+142%), and FMCG and retail (+140%).

Meanwhile, the price point range (CPA) for conversion-driven campaigns is highest for the automotive vertical ($50-100), and is in the $20-50 range for technology and telecom, social and dating, and style and fashion.

Other Findings:

  • Based on Q2 impressions, Android was the top platform on the Adfonic network, with 46% share (up 8% quarter-over-quarter), followed by iOS (34% – down 12% quarter-over-quarter) and RIM (10% – up 2% quarter-over-quarter). The iPhone remained the top device.
  • 91% of impressions came from smartphones, with the remaining 9% from tablets. The iPad took 55% of all tablet impressions, though the Kindle Fire showed higher CTR and eCPM performance.
  • The iPad gets the highest CTR of the Apple devices, especially on the games channel.
  • Entertainment (39%) and technology (28%) drove two-thirds of spend on the network in Q2, both far ahead of business and finance (8%). Interestingly, finance took the top spot among verticals on the Millennial Media network in 2011, although technology spending grew the most rapidly over the year, by 698%.
  • Looking at ad performance by time of day, the Adfonic report finds that style and fashion and lifestyle and health achieve higher CTRs in the morning, while automotive and FMCG and retail see peaks in the evening.
  • CTR performance is best on Saturdays for numerous verticals including automotive, FMCG and retail, lifestyle and health, and technology and telecoms. FMCG and retail performs best among verticals on Mondays, while social and dating sees the lowest CTRs that day.
  • Although recent research from Jumptap found mobile screen size and ad CTR to not always correlate, the Adfonic report shows that travel, technology and telecom, automotive, and social and dating campaigns achieve above-average CTR performance on tablets.

About the Data: The Adfonic report is based on tens of billions of ad requests processed monthly by the Adfonic marketplace. The Q2 2012 report draws from analysis of thousands of mobile advertising campaigns, spanning almost 15,000 mobile sites and apps.

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