43% of American Millennials Think They’re “Cool”

June 6, 2012

insitesconsulting-millennials-cool-june2012.pngAmerican Millennials (aged 15-25) seem to be pretty pleased with their “cool” factor, but they’re actually more modest about it than their counterparts in a variety of other countries, according to survey results released in May 2012 by InSites Consulting. 43% of American youth see themselves as cool, which is a slightly larger proportion than youth in a variety of European countries such as the UK (39%), Germany (35%), Spain (34%), and Italy (also at 34%). Of the 16 countries studied, though, Indian youth were the most likely to see themselves as cool (67%), followed by Polish (64%), Russian (61%), and French (58%) youth. On the other end of the spectrum, just 30% of Chinese youth identified as cool.

Some Brands Do “Cool” Better Than Others

Millennials find some brands to be, well, cooler than others. Chief among US Millennials’ coolest brands is Apple, with 78% of respondents finding both Apple and the iPhone to be cool. Converse Allstars came in next, leading the sports category with 66% believing the brand to be cool. Roughly two-thirds also find Sony to be a cool brand.

Within the clothing category, H&M topped the list, followed by Levi’s, while within the food & drinks category, Coca-Cola beat out Doritos and M&M’s. In the personal care group, which overall was perceived to be cool by less youth, Axe/Lynx was the coolest brand.

The report suggests that Apple’s dominance is a result of its constant innovation, while Converse benefits from linking with youth’s passion for music and sports such as basketball and skateboarding.

New York is The Coolest City

Further data from “Cool today, Gone tomorrow” indicates that American youth find New York (49%) to be the coolest city in the world, ahead of London (33%), Tokyo (32%), Paris (32%), and LA (26%).

New York is seen as even more cool in countries such as Germany (53%), Sweden (53%), France (53%), and Spain (54%), though the Danish (60%) and Italians (66%) are far and away the most impressed.

Other Findings:

  • Johny Depp is by the far the coolest celebrity, according to US Millennials, of whom 31% find him to be cool. According to a Harris Interactive survey released in January 2012, Americans in general share this love, voting him their favorite actor for the second year running. Meanwhile, other celebrities US Millennials find cool are President Barack Obama (16%) and Lady Gaga (16%), with Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, and Bill Gates each tied at 14%. InSites Consulting insight suggests that celebrities wanting to stay cool in the eyes of American youth need to remain loyal to their identities and keep a close line of contact with fans.
  • 43% of Indian Millennials believe Bill Gates is cool.
  • Overall, sportsmen and sportswomen appear to be less cool than pop artists and actors and actresses.

About the Data: The InSites Consulting data is based on a survey of 4,056 consumers aged 15-25 across 16 countries, who are representative of the total country population. There were 251 respondents in the US.

The Harris data point is based on an online survey of 2,237 adults between December 5 and 12, 2011.

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