Consumer Goods Cos. Sport Best Video Ad Completion Rates

May 29, 2012

pointroll-video-ad-completion-rates-by-industry-may2012.jpgConsumer goods manufacturers had the most success among various verticals in getting their video ads viewed in 2011, finds a PointRoll study [pdf] released in May 2012. Consumer goods ads were fully completed 48% of the time, and at least halfway completed 64% of the time. While their 100% completion rate was only narrowly ahead of other sectors such as finance (47%), internet (46%), and automotive (45%), consumer goods brands’ 50% completion rate outstripped their nearest competitors – automotive (57%) and internet (54%) – by a relatively wider margin. Apparel manufacturers saw the lowest 50% (33%) and 100% (19%) completion rates among the vertical studied.

An April 2012 report from Vindico argued that video ad completion rates are a more powerful metric than click-through rates (CTR).

Toys & Games Lead in Interaction Rates

The PointRoll study also looked at interaction rates, defined as the percentage of interacted ad impressions from total impressions, where interaction means rolling over or taking an action within the ad. Toys and games manufacturers saw the highest rate, at 5.95%, followed by consumer goods manufacturers (5.03%), food and beverage manufacturers (4.96%), entertainment companies (4.87%), and retail (4.81%).

In terms of the average time spent by a user interacting with the ad, though, food and beverage manufacturers came out on top at 22.76 seconds, closely followed by entertainment (21.15 seconds).

Kids & Family Takes Top Billing Among Site Types

pointroll-video-ad-interaction-rates-by-site-type-may2012.jpgWithin the different site categories measured, kids and family led with a 7.87% interaction rate, followed by B2B (6.46%), games (6.21%), and entertainment (5.34%). Automotive sites fared the worst in this metric, with an interaction rate of 2.65%.

Kids and family sites also saw the highest total CTR, at 0.6%, far ahead of the next-best performing sites, automotive and games (both at 0.32%).

Different Display Formats Deliver Varying Results

Floating formats showed the best interaction rate (18.74%) among the different formats, while large horizontal banners (5.01%) delivered a higher interaction rate on average than both large rectangle (4.34%) and skyscraper (4.22%) ads. However, skyscraper ads commanded the longest average interaction time (21.05 seconds), with large rectangle and large horizontal banner virtually on par (17.3 and 17.24 seconds, respectively).

Large horizontal banner ads experienced the highest total CTRs (0.19%), 50% completion rate (74%), and 100% completion rate (60%).

Other Findings:

  • Among site types, music and streaming media showed the highest 50% completion rate (75.27%) and 100% completion rate (64.07%).
  • The toys and games vertical achieved the best total CTR among verticals, at 0.37%, narrowly ahead of the entertainment vertical, at 0.35%.
  • Gaming features commanded the highest interaction rates, at 6.39%, with all other features – such as instant email, audio, and data collection – trailing with a rate between 4 and 5%.
  • The instant email feature garnered the longest average time spent interacting with the ad, at 23.75 seconds, with gaming (22.78 seconds) close behind.
  • Gaming features took the honor of highest total CTR (0.37%), while data collection and dynamic data both languished at 0.1%.
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