Tablet Consumers More Likely to Be On the Go

May 17, 2012

mediabehaviorinstitute-on-the-go-tablet-consumers-may2012.jpgWhile recent research shows that tablet owners do much of their online shopping at home, new data from the Media Behavior Institute reveals that tablet owners are more likely to find themselves in a range of out-of-home locations than the typical US adult. Capturing information from a nationally representative sample of tablet users on a half-hour by half-hour basis, the USA TouchPoints study finds that in any given week, these consumers are 60% more likely than the average adult to be at an airport, 40% more likely to be at a gym, and 32% more likely to be in a mall. They also over index in other locations including restaurants (22%), quick service restaurants (QSRs – 17%), and work (12%).

Tablet Users Like Shopping Online

Data from the study also indicates that tablet owners are more likely than the typical adult to perform a wide range of activities online. They are three times as likely to search for automobiles and read magazines, twice as likely to research or book travel and read newspapers, and 88% more likely to participate in e-commerce. In fact, according to the May 2012 survey results from InMobi and Mobext (see link above), a higher proportion of UK tablet owners prefer using their tablets (46%) than their laptops or desktops (41%) for shopping online.

Meanwhile, the Media Behavior Institute study finds that browsing the internet (65%) is the most popular tablet activity, followed by emailing (52%), reading the news (37%), gaming (36%), reading magazines and newspapers (34%), and accessing social networks (30%).

Tablet Owners Are a Happy, Excited Bunch

Marketers looking to engage with tablet owners will encounter a happy, well-adjusted group, according to the report. Overall, tablet users are 22% more likely than adults in general to say they are excited, and 22% less likely to be overwhelmed. Similarly, they are more likely to be confident, happy, and hopeful, and less likely to be worried, sad, or bored. In fact, while using their tablets, 60% are alert, and 83% are in a good mood.

Other Findings:

  • While using a tablet, 37% of owners are also watching TV, 43% are with a spouse, and 38% are with children.
  • 1 in 5 tablet owners watch video or TV on their device.

About the Data: The USA TouchPoints study used a smartphone application to capture data from 2,000 respondents every 30 minutes over 10 days, tracking details such as activities, emotion, location, media use, and social setting. The data is based on the full syndicated study and is based on results that highlight the study’s tablet users.

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