Mobile CTRs Peak in Summer Months for Travel Advertisers

May 8, 2012

jumptap-mobile-ad-ctrs-travel-in-2011-may2012.jpgSpring, summer, and holiday months are the best times for advertisers to leverage mobile traffic to travel channels, says Jumptap in a May 2012 report. Looking at traffic and click-through rate (CTR) patterns for the travel channel in 2011, the study finds that while travel channel traffic peaked in August, CTRs were highest in June (3.55%), with September (3.37%), April (3.29%), and May (3.07%) also demonstrating strong engagement. Overall, travel, games, and entertainment were the highest performing application and mobile web channels for travel advertisers. Understanding traffic and CTR patterns is important given recent research from comScore revealing that 1 in 2 smartphone owners access travel content on their devices.

Kindle Fire Traffic Slows in April

Data from the Jumptap April “Simple Targeting & Audience Trends” (STAT) report indicates that after reaching 33% of tablet traffic in January 2012, the share of tablet traffic on the network represented by the Kindle Fire slowed, declining to 29% in February, 28% in March, and 22% in April. The iPad saw a corresponding increase, jumping from 48% share in January to 57% in February, 58% in March, and 65% in April.

Democrats Get Social

Taking a look at how Democrats and Republicans use their mobile devices, the report finds that Democrats are 10% more likely to be using social networking and entertainment sites, whereas Republicans are 20% more likely to be using news and weather sites. In other party divides, Democrats are 43% more likely to use their device late at night, between 11 PM and 2 AM, while Republicans are 39% more likely to use theirs between 5 and 10 PM.

Other Findings:

  • Looking at 12 cities across the US, Jumptap determined that iOS use is most highly concentrated in San Francisco and New York, both at 68% of mobile users.
  • Montgomery, AL, and Baltimore, MD had the highest percentage of mobile users using Android, both at 53%.
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