Tech, Finance Verticals Doubled Down on Mobile Ad Spending in ’11

March 15, 2012

millennialmedia-mobile-ad-spending-growth-by-vertical-in-2011-march2012.jpgIn 2011, 9 verticals experienced triple digit growth in year-over-year spending on the Millennial Media mobile network, according to the network’s year-in-review report [download page]. Technology experienced the largest increase, at a massive 698%, to place the vertical in tenth spot on the top 10 global advertising verticals. Finance followed, with campaign spending up 314%, taking the top position among all categories for the year. Millennial insight indicates that banking advertisers used mobile to create awareness campaigns and drive customers to their branch locations, while insurance and credit card brands heavily utilized mobile for generating leads.

Other categories in the top 10 global advertisers list that increased their spending dramatically include #2, retail and restaurants (193%), #3, entertainment (133%), #5, automotive (185%), #7, CPG/FMCG (199%), and #8, education (122%). Health: Fitness and Wellness advertisers increased their spend by 229%, but have not yet cracked the top 10 list.

In-Market Presence Top Campaign Goal

millenial-mobile-advertiser-campaign-goals-2011-march2012.jpgThe top campaign goal in 2011 was sustained in-market presence, representing 31% of the campaign goal mix. Campaigns with this goal drove consumers to download applications and play branded games. Lead gen/registrations was the second-most popular mobile campaign goal of the year (25%). Education was one of the top verticals running campaigns with this goal, as they focused on generating lead lists for various regional degree programs.

Other goals included product launch/release (18%), brand awareness (12%), increased foot traffic (9%), and site traffic (5%).

1 in 4 Campaigns Included Watch Video Action

millenial-post-click-action-campaign-mix-in-2011-march2012.jpgWatch video was included in 24% of the campaigns in 2011 as a post-click campaign action, heavily used by entertainment and telecom advertisers to promote the release of new motion pictures and new mobile devices. Enroll/join/subscribe (36%) was the leading postclick action for the year, followed by application download (32%) and place call (31%). Store locator was included in 23% of the campaigns as a post-click action, as advertisers in the retail vertical leveraged mobile to promote seasonal sales and automotive advertisers promoted new model year releases. Both verticals led customers to brick-and-mortar locations to complete their purchases.

Other Findings:

  • Application download represented 25% of the campaign destination mix in 2011. Traffic to site represented the largest share of destinations, at 53%, while landing page held 22% share.
  • Gaming applications moved into the #1 spot on the top 10 mobile app categories, growing 16% year-over-year. Music and entertainment took the second spot, as these apps doubled their impression share year-over-year. Social networking apps dropped from the top spot in 2010 to the #3 ranking in 2011, while communications apps remained in the fourth position.
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