African American Moviegoers Influenced by Mobile Ads

March 6, 2012

briabe-mobile-ads-moviegoers-influence-mar-2012.jpg41% of African American consumers say they are influenced by mobile advertising when planning to see a movie, a slightly higher proportion than Hispanics (40%), and far ahead of the general average (31%), according to [download page] February 2012 survey results from Briabe Mobile and MocoSpace. Of the most commonly used mobile ad types, mobile search (45%) and banner ads (39%) have the most influence on African American moviegoers, all of whom completed the survey on their mobile phones, ahead of text messaging (28%) and mobile applications (24%).

Breaking down the data by age group, 18-24-year-olds are the most influenced by all forms of mobile advertising, though they appear most susceptible to text messaging (55%) and mobile apps (47%).

According to a GreyStripe survey also released in February, two-thirds of smartphone users have interacted with entertainment ads on their mobile devices, with the most popular form of advertising being mobile video ads (56%) and images with movie information (29%).

Mobile Phones Central to Movie Planning

African Americans appear to be a key moviegoing demographic: 19% of those responding to the Briabe Mobile survey said they go to movies more than 3 times a month, including 49% of those aged from 18-24.

68% of the African American respondents said they rely on their mobile phones when planning to see a movie, with the proportion highest among 35-44-year-olds (75%), followed by 25-34-year-olds (73%) and those over 44 (64%). When planning to see a movie, 70% of the African American respondents, across all ages, tended to use their phone within 8 hours of seeing a movie.

Info Sourcing Most Prevalent

The top ways in which African Americans use their mobile phones to decide which movie to see are to get times and locations (69%), followed by to view trailers (35%), get reviews (34%), discover movies (28%). 18% use their phone to buy tickets, while 9% do so to share opinions (9%).

These activities are similar to the GreyStripe survey results, which found that the top entertainment activities for which smartphone consumers use their mobile device are to check movie times (46%), followed by locating a theater (38%), and watching trailers (31%). Just 15% of smartphone users reported buying tickets on their device.

Other Findings:

  • Trailers (52%) and friends’ comments (42%) obtained through mobile phones are the most influential factors for African Americans mobile users when planning to see a movie.
  • Roughly half of the African American respondents discuss movies on mobile social networks. The proportion is highest among 18-24-year-olds (57%), followed by 35-44-year-olds (54%).

About the Data: The Briabe Mobile/MocoSpace data is based on a multiple choice mobile web survey conducted between June 10, 2011 and June 28, 2011 on MocoSpace’s mobile social network. There were 1,130 total respondents, of which 348 were African Americans.

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