More Mobile Phone Time Spent on SocNets Than Email/IM

February 27, 2012

nielsen-shareoftimespent-mobile-phones-feb-2012.jpgSocial networking applications accounted for 5.5% of time spent on mobile phones in October 2011, ahead of time spent on other phone functions such as email and instant messaging (5.3%) and dialer (5.4%), according to [download page] a report released in February 2012 by Nielsen and NM Incite. The majority of mobile phone time was consumed by app usage (other apps – 55.8%), while text messaging accounted for 13.4% share of time spent, and browsers for 11.1%.

According to Facebook data released in February, the social network has 425 million monthly mobile users, and the platform sends more than 60 million visitors each month to apps and games.

Reading Posts Most Popular Smartphone SocNet Activity

For those accessing social networks on smartphones, reading posts from people known personally ranks as the most widespread activity, performed by 84.6% during the 3-month average ending December 2011, according to [download page] a February 2012 report from comScore. This is up from 80.1% for the 3-month average ending October 2011.

73.6% posted a status update and 60.1% followed a posted link to a website, while 37.2% received a coupon, offer, or deal, and roughly one-third clicked on an ad.

Overall, 64 million smartphone owners accessed social networking or blog destinations via their device in December 2011, an increase of 77% from December 2010.

SocNets Account for 1 in 5 Minutes Spent on Computer

Meanwhile, data from Nielsen’s “Digital Consumer Report Q3-Q4 2011” indicates that social networks and blogs accounted for 21.3% of time spent on the internet. This means that social networks and blogs accounted for roughly the same share of internet time spent as the combination of online games (7.7%), email (6.5%), videos/movies (4.3%), and portals (3.8%).

Other Findings:

  • 54% of social network/blog visitors in October 2011 were female. 28% were aged 35-49, and 27% were aged 18-34. The same proportion of visitors by age applied to online video viewers, although they skewed slightly less female (53%).
  • 62% of Asian females aged 12-17 visited Facebook during October 2011, while 29% downloaded games on their mobile phone.
  • 69% of Hispanic males aged 18-34 owned a smartphone that month, while 46% had downloaded apps to their mobile phone.
  • 20% of white males over 55 accessed their mobile phone’s web browser in October 2011.

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