Smartphone Share of Device Impressions Up 24% in ’11

February 23, 2012

millennialmedia-connecteddevicemix-2011v2010-feb-2012.jpgSmartphones accounted for 68% of all connected device impressions on the Millennial Media mobile network in 2011, according to [download page] the 2011 Year in Review Millennial Media Mobile Mix. This represents 24% growth from 55% in 2010, and was mainly due to a decline in the share of impressions held by feature phones, from 31% in 2010 to 17% in 2011. Other connected devices represented 15% of the connected device mix, up from 14% a year earlier.

According to a report released in January 2012 by Google, US consumers are shifting from feature phones to smartphones, with the proportion owning a smartphone (38%) almost on par with the proportion owning a feature phone (39%), although more recent figures from Nielsen have US smartphone penetration at 48%.

Android Races Past iOS

millennialmedia-deviceosmix-2011v2010-feb-2012.jpgLooking at operating system, 47% of impressions on the Millennial network were made by devices running the Android OS in 2011, representing an impressive 57% rise from 30% in 2010. For the year, Android overtook Apple iOS, which accounted for 41% of impressions in 2010, but dropped to 33% in 2011. RIM accounted for 16% share of impressions in 2011, down slightly from 18% the previous year.

WiFi Grows Share of Carrier Mix

All WiFi carriers combined took a 27% share of impressions in 2011, growing 23% from 22% in 2010. Verizon followed with 19% share, up from 17% a year earlier. Other top carriers included Sprint-Nextel (14%), and T-Mobile and AT&T (9% each). According to Millennial insight, the growth of WiFi can be attributed to the growth of connected devices on the platform and the increased sophistication of smartphones. As the capabilities of smartphones increased, the use of smartphones for larger bandwidth activities also increased, such as streaming movies and music, resulting in carriers requiring consumers to connect to WiFi for these activities. Indeed, according to February 2012 data from Allot Communications, video streaming held a 42% share of all global mobile bandwidth in H2 2011.

Touchscreen Impressions Up

57% of all mobile devices on the Millennial Media mobile network were touchscreen interface in 2011, up 24% from 46% in 2010. Milllennial suggests this increase can be attributed to almost all new devices launched using touchscreen as an input method, in response to changing consumer trends.

Touch/QWERTY followed with 18% of the device input mix, down from 26% a year earlier.

Other Findings:

  • Apple maintained its lead as the top device manufacturer on the Millennial Media platform in 2011, representing 26% share of the top 15 manufacturers.
  • HTC experienced explosive growth in 2011 and moved to the #3 spot on the top 15 manufacturers ranking, growing 79% year-over-year.
  • Apple iPhone impression share declined 7% year-over-year yet maintained its position as the #1 device on the top 20 mobile phones ranking, with 15% of the impression share.
  • The combined impression share of HTC devices in the top 20 mobile phones list grew 38% year-over-year, accounting for 7% in 2011.
  • Gaming applications moved into the #1 spot on the top mobile application categories list in 2011, growing 16% year-over-year. Music & entertainment moved into the second spot, while news moved up to the #5 spot, growing 66% year-over-year.
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