Mobile Device Users Highly Connected With Entertainment Ads

February 13, 2012

greystripe-mobile-users-entertainment-ads.jpgTwo-thirds of smartphone users and 58% of iPad users have interacted with entertainment ads on their mobile devices, according to [pdf] a survey released in February 2012 by Greystripe. Among the types of ads they engage with, these respondents appear most intrigued by mobile video ads, with 56% of smartphone users and 45% of iPad users citing this type, ahead of images with movie information (29% and 22%, respectively). And of those intrigued by video, a large proportion have watched movie trailers on their device (58% and 67% of smartphone and iPad users, respectively).

Advertisers are clearly engaging viewers with the content they watch: watching a video accounted for an impressive 54% of the postclick campaign action for entertainment advertisers in October 2011 on the Millennial Media network, more than double the overall average for all verticals that month. Motion picture releases accounted for 42% of the entertainment vertical mix, followed by TV programs (26%), and DVD releases (19%).

Advertising Proves Influential

greystripe-device-users-movie-decisions.jpgData from Greystripe’s “Mobile Entertainment Insights” indicates that overall, movie ads are quite influential among smartphone and iPad consumers, with 52% of smartphone users and 44% of iPad users saying they decide what to see based on them, second only to recommendations from friends (52% and 55%, respectively). Ads are even better as an information source: roughly two-thirds of the device users report finding out about new movies from advertising, compared to 42% of smartphone users and 51% of iPad users whose friends are an information source.

Apps Best for Search

Among those who watch movies at the theater, smartphone users are about twice as likely as iPad users to use their device to search for movie listings or movie times (53% vs. 27%). Among both sets of users, mobile applications are a more prevalent form of searching for listings and times than the mobile web (30% vs. 23% for smartphone users, and 17% vs. 10% for iPad users).

Checking Movie Times Top Activity

The top entertainment activity for which smartphone and iPad consumers use their mobile device are to check movie times (46% and 37%, respectively). Locating a theater is also popular (38% and 33%, respectively), as is watching trailers (31% and 22%, respectively). However, just 15% of smartphone users and 13% of iPad users buy tickets on their device.

About the Data: The Greystripe results are based on a survey of 546 of its smartphone and tablet users, specifically iPhone (including iPod touch), iPad, and Android users. The survey was conducted during Q4 2011.

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