Kindle Fire Tripled Share of Tablet Traffic in December

February 2, 2012

jumptap-dec-tablet-traffic.jpgAlthough both iPad and Amazon Kindle traffic on the Jumptap network grew over the 2011 holidays, the Kindle Fire jumped from 10% share of traffic at the beginning of December to 30% share heading into the New Year, according to a Jumptap report released in February 2012, which also found that iPad’s share of traffic fell 25% from 59% to 44% during that period. Overall tablet traffic soared 229% over an average projected for the day after Christmas, based on historical network traffic, while the day after New Year also saw a 263% boost in traffic.

Android Cannibalizes Apple Mobile OS Share

Meanwhile, Android emerged the clear winner in 2011 in its battle with iOS for mobile OS share. Android’s share grew 21% points from 38% in December 2010 to 59% in December 2011, while iOS fell 7% points from 29% to 22%. Traffic was not to blame for the iOS loss, though: it tripled its overall traffic on the network over the course of the year, but was outpaced by Android’s more than quadruple increase.

iOS Sees Higher CTR, Though

ctr-by-version-on-the-jumptap-network.jpgNewer iOS versions saw higher click-through rates (CTR) than their Android counterparts in 2011, though. iOS5, the latest Apple OS version, has a CTR of approximately 0.91%, compared to the latest Android OS, 3.x, which has a 0.59% CTR. Similarly, iOS4 has a slightly higher CTR than Android 2.x (0.74% vs. 0.69%). In fact, while the data shows that the newer the iOS version, the more likely users are to click on ads, the opposite is true for Android, with users less likely to click on ads on newer versions.

Data Targeting Provides Significant CTR Lift

Looking at major brand advertising campaigns on its network in Q4 2011, Jumptap found that data targeting holds great potential for uplift in CTR. Comparing the results of the brands’ data targeted campaigns to their controlled campaigns, the report shows that the retail vertical experienced a 111% lift in CTR, with the financial (71%), technology (57%), CPG (34%), and auto and entertainment (both at 27%) verticals also seeing significant uplift.

Apps and Mobile Web Split Share in December

Results from the “Simple Target & Audience Trends (STAT)” report indicate that application share of traffic on the Jumptap network rose to 50.7% in December, representing 8.3% growth from 46.8% in November. For 2011 overall, mobile web saw the larger share for 10 of the 12 months, with a high of 58.6% in February, and a low of 47.3% in August.

About the Data: The report’s data is gleaned from the Jumptap network of over 200 billion impressions, 95 million users, and 21,000 apps and websites.

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