Interactive In-Stream Video Ads Generate Higher Completion Rates

January 23, 2012

pointroll-video-completion-rate.jpg78% of viewers completed 100% of interactive in-stream video ads, compared to 69% who completed 100% in-stream ads without interactive elements, according to results from a PointRoll study that compared campaign results from April to December 2011. By contrast, just 39% of viewers completed 100% of in-banner video ads. Interaction rates, where users specifically took an action within the ad, were also more than 3 times higher for in-stream video ads than for in-banner video ads during the period.

Interactive in-stream video ads appear to be growing, too: according to the “AduTube Format Index Q3 2011,” they accounted for 61% of video ads served on the AdoTube Network in Q3 2011, representing a 13% rise from 54% in Q2.

Auto Top Vertical in Interactive Ad Performance

Automotive was the top vertical across interactive in-stream ads, boasting a 12.29% interaction rate, far ahead of non-profit organizations, which followed with a rate of 2.46%. The automotive vertical also posted the best 50% completion rate (88.9%), 75% completion rate (84.6%) and 100% completion rate (80.66%).

Consumer goods manufacturers led all verticals in click-through rates (1.17%), followed by non-profit organizations (0.99%) and retail (0.81%).

Insurance Leads Non-Interactive Ad CTR

For in-stream ads that did not include interactivity, insurance led all verticals with a 1.54% click-through rate (CTR), followed by telecommunications (1.34%) and consumer electronics manufacturers (1.19%). Consumer goods manufacturers posted the best completion rates, with 98.6% of viewers completing 25%, 97.7% completing 50%, 97.1% completing 75%, and an impressive 98.8% completing 100%. By contrast, just 9% of viewers completed 100% of a restaurants and food service vertical ad, and only 25.8% completed a full automotive ad.

Other Findings:

  • The interaction rate for in-banner video ads was 3.42%, and the average brand interaction time was 16.9 seconds.
  • Total CTR for in-banner video ads was 0.12%. Banner CTR was 0.05% and panel CTR was 0.21%.
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