Consumers Heavy Viewers of Online Retail Video Ads

January 20, 2012

33across-retail-video-viewers.jpgConsumers watched significantly more online video advertising regarding retail products such as clothing and electronics from May to December 2011 than they did for a number of other industry segments, according to [pdf] January 2012 analysis from 33Across. The company examined online content consumption and sharing behavior among consumers using data from the social graphs (“brand graphs”) it builds for its customers, finding that consumers in the retail graphs viewed online video ads 15% more than consumers in other verticals’ graphs. 33Across insight suggests that marketers within the retail industry could accomplish a lot more by shifting focus from less expensive online ads to the more costly video medium.

According to January 2012 data from comScore, video ads accounted for 14.1% of all videos viewed and 1.2% of all minutes spent viewing video online in December 2011.

Targeted Ads Improve Metrics

The 33Across analysis also found that brands that marketed to consumers in their respective brand graph returned between 15-77% increase in brand lift and 20-151% lift in direct response metrics. Brands were able to predict groups of new consumers likely to become loyal that were 7-30 times larger than their existing audience brand segments, by examining these potential customers’ social ties and interest-based connections with the brands’ existing customers.

CPG Consumers Top Sharers

Consumers within the CPG brand graphs shared 9% more content online than other verticals, and CPG brands experienced 150% improvement against cost-per-acquisition goals by marketing to these consumers, easily the best result for that metric among the categories (automotive, CPG, entertainment, financial services, and retail) studied. CPG consumers also boasted the most social connections, with an index score of 117, although automotive consumers followed closely with an index score of 115. Consumers in the automotive brand graphs were the heaviest searchers though, with an index score of 104.

Other Findings:

  • Consumers in the entertainment category were 10% more active blog readers and commenters than consumers in other verticals.
  • Financial services consumers were active sharers, with an index score of 107. By contrast, consumers in the automotive category were the least active sharers, with an index score of 86.
  • Consumers in the entertainment (108), CPG (107), and retail (105) categories were the most influential within their social circles.
  • Consumers in the entertainment category were the most avid video viewers, with a score of 120.

About the Data: The 33Across data is gathered from the social graphs it builds for its 350+ customers that extend to over 200 million users.

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