Brands and Agencies Disconnect on Campaign Objectives, Metrics

January 17, 2012

digiday-importance-of-campaign-objectives-jan12-v2.gifNearly all (97%) brand advertisers want their primary marketing objective to be well defined in advance of their online campaigns, with 73% of media sellers also highlighting the importance of this alignment, saying that agreement around what constitutes success is the top way to help them improve results for advertisers, according to [download page] a survey released in January 2012 by Digiday, sponsored by Vizu. However, only 18% of agencies said they are able to establish a single objective against which ROI will be measured with their clients in advance of a campaign.

In-Market Optimization Metrics Need Improvement, Too

Data from “Online Brand Advertising, 2012 Outlook” indicates that the vast majority of brand marketers rank in-market optimization of campaigns against brand lift as very important. Agencies, however, say they are primarily optimizing against various measures of engagement (58%) or click through rates (19%), while just 16% optimize against brand lift.

Brands Want Relevant, Timely Reporting

69% of the brand marketers surveyed expect interim reports on campaign performance from their agencies, while 63% expect results to be reported against client-specific norms and 60% against market norms. According to a 2011 survey from Forbes Insights and Coremetrics, top US and UK online marketing performers, those executives who say their company’s investment in online marketing technology is “world class,” are much more likely than overall respondents to proactively track and adjust their online marketing campaigns (27% vs. 9%).

Other Findings:

  • Brands and agencies alike see the need for a few, relevant metrics to assess the effectiveness of online brand advertising: one-third say they are “drowning in data,” a sentiment shared also by media sellers (33%).
  • Only 6% of brands and 16% of agencies surveyed strongly believe media sellers’ claims that they can reach the custom or niche audiences that brands seek. Even if that target audience is reached, nearly all brand and agency respondents want proof that consumer opinion has shifted as a result of their advertising.
  • Nearly two-thirds of brand respondents identified having everyone collaborating directly in executing their online brand advertising campaigns as important or very important. 57% said it is very important to them to own the data related to their campaign.

About the Data: The Digiday/Vizu survey was conducted in November and December 2011 among 450 digital marketing and media professionals, who completed an online survey. Participants were asked to identify themselves as brand marketers, media agencies, or media sellers, and responded to questions specific to their classification.

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