Facebook Fan Size May Not Translate to Relationship Quality

January 10, 2012

ignite-social-media-top-5-branded-facebook-pages-jan12.gifMTV’s Facebook fan page boasted 29.6 million fans as of December 29, 2011 representing a 126% increase from December 28, 2010, and launching the brand into the top 5 branded fan pages by size, according to January 2012 analysis from Ignite Social Media. Facebook took the top spot again in 2011 with 57 million fans, up 83% from 2010. YouTube (48.4 million) and Coca-Cola (36.5 million) remained in the second and third positions, up 91% and 71%, respectively.

Disney and Starbucks traded spots, with the former gaining 92% more fans to take the fourth spot with 29.8 million, and the latter gaining a comparatively small 40% while dropping to the sixth spot, with 26.5 million fans.

Relationship Index Shows Different Leaders

Fan volume does not appear to translate to relationship quality, though, as only 2 of the top 5 brands by fan volume, and less than half of the top 20, appear on the Fathom Research Relationship Quality Index (RQI) as of January 10, 2012. The RQI scores brands on 4 factors with equal weight: number of fans; momentum (based on speed of fan acquisition); fan engagement (based on how often they post on or interact with pages); and emotional quality (how much and how positive emotion is expressed on comments). According to Fathom Research, the top 5 Facebook brand pages, as of January 10, 2012, are YouTube, with a score of 91, followed by Coca-Cola (90), Red Bull (86), Walmart (86), and iTunes (85).

Facebook, the top brand page by fan size, has an RQI score of just 71 due to low momentum and engagement drivers. By contrast, Dr. Pepper, which ranks 25th by fan volume, takes the 8th rank in terms of RQI (83) due to a high degree of momentum.

Burberry Leads Top-Gainers

Meanwhile, according to Ignite Social Media, of brands that were also on the top 50 list by fan volume in 2010, Burberry proved to be the top gainer in 2011, rising 17 spots to #30 with over 10 million fans, representing 177% growth from a year earlier. Target also fared well, rising 11 spots to #39 and growing 124% of its audience to 7.9 million fans, while Playstation (18.4 million) grew its fan base by 144%, moving up 8 positions to the #12 spot.

Google Chrome Gets Fans, Loses Rank

Google Chrome, which steadily grew its browser market share throughout 2011, increased its fan base by 46% to 7.6 million, but dropped 9 positions to #42, joining Zara, Victoria’s Secret Pink, and Mountain Dew as those moving down most in the rankings.

Overall, all of the 2011’s top 50 fan pages grew their fan base from 2010, with Reese’s (29%), Skittles (35%), and Starburst (39%) growing by the smallest margin. 6 of 2010’s top 50 fell out of the list in 2011 due to slower growth: Puma, Buffalo Wild Wings, 5 Gum, Nike, Forever 21, and Chick-fil-a.

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