Watch Video Drops as Mobile Postclick Campaign Action

December 9, 2011

millenial-post-click-action-campaign-mix-oct11-dec11.gifWatching a video accounted for 25% of the postclick campaign action mix on the Millennial Media network in October 2011, representing a drop of 22% from Q3 figures, according to [sign-in page] the October 2011 Millennial Media SMART report. Data from the report indicates that the leading postclick action in October was application download, which grew almost 17% from Q3 to represent 40% of the postclick campaign action mix. Store locator (23%) experienced 5% month-over-month growth as retail and telecom advertisers increased their use to drive customers to stores for fall sales or to buy new mobile devices.

Campaigns that directed consumers to an app download page increased 33% month-over-month to make up 29% of the total campaigns on the platform.

Entertainment Vertical Bucks Trends

Watching a video accounted for an impressive 54% of the postclick campaign action for entertainment advertisers in October, though, more than double the overall average for all verticals. Entertainment campaigns were also more likely than the average vertical to utilize mobile commerce (23% vs. 11%) and mobile social media (35% vs. 21%) as a postclick campaign action, but were far less likely to direct consumers to an app download page (15% vs. 40%).

Motion picture releases accounted for 42% of the entertainment vertical mix, followed by TV programs (26%), and DVD releases (19%).

In-Market Presence Remains Top Goal

Sustained in-market presence (37%) continued to lead the overall advertiser campaign goals, growing 9% month-over-month. According to Millennial insight, advertisers in the retail & restaurant verticals utilized mobile to drive engagement and use of their brands by creating applications that allowed customers to shop and receive timely offers. These ads also drove customers to the nearest retail outlets and restaurant locations.

Lead gen/registrations was the second-most popular mobile campaign goal of the quarter (22%), followed by product launch/release (15%).

More Campaigns Use Broad Reach Targeting Methods

millenial-media-campaign-targeting-mix-oct11-dec11.gifCampaigns leveraging broad reach targeting methods (run of network, custom subnet and channel) accounted for 60% of the overall campaign targeting mix, up 9% from 55% in Q3. Of the remaining 40% of mobile advertisers using targeted audience campaign methods, two-thirds targeted a local audience, unchanged from Q3. Automotive and retail & restaurant advertisers targeted customers with a variety of regional promotions to increase foot traffic into dealerships, stores, and restaurants where customers could redeem their offers.

Behavior and demographic targeting represented the remaining third of the targeted audience mix among advertisers. Brands in the pharmaceutical vertical used behavioral and demographic targeting to reach teens and young adults with relevant products, while education brands targeted a similar group with brand awareness campaigns for college programs and other educational services.

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