More UK than US Consumers Wake Up to Email

November 14, 2011

exacttarget-digital-morning.jpg73% of UK consumers say they check email first thing in the morning, compared to 58% of US consumers, according to a November 2011 report from ExactTarget. Data from “The Digital Kingdom” indicates that this is more than 5 times the proportion of UK consumers that check Facebook first (14%), with news sites (5%), entertainment sites (2%), and search engines (2%) also far behind. Younger UK consumers, however, are more likely than the general population to choose Facebook as their first online destination of the day, with double the proportion of those aged 15-17 choosing the social network (53%) over email (27%). The report notes that at the time of publication, Facebook was in the process of phasing out the majority of its email notifications.

Email Serves All Uses

Almost two-thirds of UK online consumers view email as a channel for personal contacts, while 44% use email to connect with old friends and those who live far away. While just 39% use email for work purposes, that proportion rises to 58% among working adults. However, the report indicates that there is less use of email during the workday (36%) than before and after work/school (60%) or during weekends and holidays (56%).

Meanwhile, 93% of UK consumers subscribe to permission-based email from at least one company or brand. They may not receive all intended emails, though: according to a ReturnPath study released in September, only 86% of commercial emails in the UK reached their intended inbox in the first half of 2011, with 7.8% landing in a spam/junk folder.

Trans-Atlantic Fans’ Motivations and Expectations Differ

Among the 45% of UK consumers that have liked a company on Facebook, the leading motivation was to receive discounts and money-off promotions (49%), followed by the desire to receive “free stuff” or giveaways (48%). Just one-fifth wished to gain access to exclusive content.

This is in stark contrast to a September study from ExactTarget, which found that the leading expectation for US consumers after liking a brand on Facebook [download page] was to gain access to exclusive content, events, or sales (58%). Similarly, while 47% of US respondents to the September survey expect to receive updates about the company in their Newsfeed after liking it, just 26% of UK consumers cite this as a motivation for liking a company.

Twitter Drivers More Information-Based

Among the 34% of active Twitter users in the UK that report being followers of at least one company or brand, the top motivations are to receive information related to personal interests or hobbies (42%), to keep a finger on the pulse of the company (42%), and to receive advance notice about new products or future releases. Meanwhile, Twitter followers appear to be significantly more interested than Facebook likers in gaining access to exclusive content (36% compared to 21%).

Other Findings

  • Email (47%) remains the most popular choice for UK consumers before going to sleep, followed by Facebook (25%). Depending on their sleep habits, these consumers may or may not be receiving marketing emails right before bedtime: according to September research from Pure360, the best time to send marketing emails to consumers is between 7 and 10 pm, while the worst time to send them is between 10 pm and 9 am.
  • 2% of UK consumers will engage with brands through Facebook or Twitter, but not through email.

About the Data: The ExactTarget report is based on a sample of 1,405 online consumers in the UK.

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