Rich Media Campaigns Boost CTR

October 28, 2011

jumptap-rich-media.jpgA rich media campaign can provide a dramatic lift in click-through rate (CTR) over a standard mobile banner campaign, according to [download page] a Jumptap report released in October 2011. Results from “Simple Target & Audience Trends” reveal that a quick service restaurant campaign on the Jumptap platform experienced a 455% lift in CTR from its rich media campaign, as compared to its standard banner campaign.

Other advertisers fared similarly well: a consumer electronics company saw a 362% hike; a luxury auto manufacturer enjoyed a 357% jump; a theatrical release a 340% boost; and a retailer a 337% lift. An athletics manufacturer also experienced a significant rise (214%), though not as striking as the other campaigns.

According to Jumptap insight, rising smartphone adoption and the sudden prevalence of tablets are increasing the ability of brand advertisers to reach consumers with extremely effective rich media advertising.

Location-Based Targeting Remains Popular

jumptap-targeting-methods.jpgLocation-based targeting remains the most popular method used to reach consumers on the Jumptap network, employed by one-third (33%) of advertisers in September. This was followed by handset, used by one-quarter (25%) of premium campaigns, and capability, used by one-fifth (19%). Location (state) and age rounded out the top 5 most popular methods, at 6% and 4% of advertisers respectively. The majority of advertisers (56%) used a single targeting method, while one-third (34%) did not use any. Just one in 10 used multiple targeting methods.

High-Income, Elderly, Men Continue CTR Domination

CTRs are still highest [download page] for families with household income above $50,000 (1.25%), far outpacing those below that income threshold (.24%). Mobile users aged 65-74 had the highest CTRs in September among age segments, at roughly .80%, followed closely by the 55-64 age group, at about .75%. Trailing far behind were the 45-54 and 75-98 groups, each at roughly .45%. Meanwhile, CTRs for men (.64%) doubled those for women (.32%).

Other Findings

  • For direct response performance, entertainment, government, and automotive experienced the best CTRs in September of the various verticals on the Jumptap network.
  • 50% of mobile web traffic on the network still comes from mobile phones, followed by Android (18%), Blackberry OS (16%) and iPhone OS (7%).
  • Android remains the clear leader in apps, rising to 52% operating system market share from 47% in August. Following are iOS (31%) and RIM (15%).
  • Despite ranking second in market share to Google’s Android OS, Apple’s iOS continues to deliver the best direct response advertising performance with an industry-leading CTR of 0.62%, down from August’s 0.71%.
  • In September, click-to-web (76%) and click- to-download (23%) continued to predominate as preferred actions for advertisers.

About the Data: September 2011 data is gleaned from the Jumptap network of over 95 million US users. To isolate rich media as a performance factor, Jumptap reviewed over 300 million campaign impressions, across several major advertisers that ran both rich and standard media with similar creative and messaging.

Millennial Media: Mobile Campaigns Lead to Download, Enrollment, Video

The three most popular post-click mobile campaign destinations on the Millennial Media network in July 2011 were app download, enroll/join/subscribe, and watching video (31% each), according to the July 2011 Millennial Media SMART Report. App download was a mobile-only action. Other popular post-click actions included the mobile-only actions of mobile social media (24%) and placing a call (21%), as well as store locator (21%) and viewing a map (19%).

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